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Hey Guys.

I'm a 19-year-old male. Up until the recent past, I could account for getting sick maybe once a year. I’m just one of those people (knock on wood) who naturally don’t get sick.

However, strangely, for the past 2 months, I have been consistently sick off and on with cold-like symptoms, creating an almost predicable pattern that comes about every other week. The frequency of my illness is surely the undoubted result of my girlfriend's and my reluctance to cut off all "contact" when one of us is ill.

But here's the problem. Both of us are quite healthy individuals. I, for instance, am extremely dedicated to (even, at times, paranoid about) my health. I don’t eat any junk food, nor do I do any drugs or alcohol. I don’t smoke. I drink 8 glasses of water a day, eat flax seeds, drink green tea, and, to top it all off, take a plethora of vitamin and mineral supplements daily. My girlfriend, although not as an extremist as I, watches her nutritional intake quite consciously as well.

So the story begins. Close to about 2 months ago, I became quite ill. My symptoms included the usual: a sore throat, headaches, and nasal congestion. It was a seemingly typical cold. Or was it? I had just finished working a 31-hour weekEND, completing it on a combined total of about 15 hours of sleep for the 3 nights. Needless to say, this was the culprit. While severely increasing my sleep deprivation, my lack of sleep was decreasing in equal amounts my resistance, for my immune system was being ruthlessly compromised, allowing whatever infection that happen to come down the pike to infest my body without mercy. I remember being unnaturally tired, as I forced myself to work those 11-hour days on 5 or less hours of sleep. It was, in reality, my own fault. Foolish, I know… but you must understand my predicament: my girlfriend and I had just started going out. You know how that is.

So, in turn, for the same reason, it was also hard to minimize (let alone end) contact with her. She knew I was very sick, but didn’t mind taking the risk of catching it. We played the odds.

Oh… she caught it all right. The following week she was bed-stricken with symptoms I had never even experienced, as I was surely never bed-stricken. As my girlfriend was steadily getting sick, I, on the other hand, was recovering and felt as though I would be “back to normal” in a few days. This time around we were smarter. We did our best to keep from kissing, which for the most part was quite successful. Later in the week when she was beginning to feel significantly better, I assumed it was okay to kiss her again. I was wrong! The next week I was sick again, with symptoms much like my girlfriends than my initial. I thought: “Here we go again…” Once more, we restricted kissing until it was apparent that the other was feeling better. However, this was apparently not enough.

Amazingly, we exchanged this illness 2 more times over the course of the next few weeks.

Just this past week, I was recovering from my 4th time of contracting the presumed same illness. It had lasted for around 1.5 weeks, the longest it has ever lingered. It seems every time I catch it, my symptoms are worse. As of just this past Tuesday, I had been feeling fine. My body didn’t even hint towards being sick, minus an extremely peevish stuffy nose, whose presence could be easily ignored. Tuesday was also the night my girlfriend and me kissed for the first time in a week. We were both feeling NOT sick and were happy we wouldn’t have to worry about becoming ill anymore…

Until my girlfriend called me yesterday to inform me her throat was sore again. Today she is bed-stricken… again. The scores are as following: Me: 4, Her: 3. We shall see if I catch it a 5th time.

All right, so, question time. The obvious one is: why is this happening? Is it possible to indefinitely exchange the same illness over and over and over again? This truly is ridiculous. I have talked to all of my friends who are in a relationship, and they say they never have heard of such a thing. Some even went as far to say they don’t use any discretion when their boy/girlfriend is sick, and they don’t catch it! At least my girlfriend and I do all we can short of isolating the “infected” to a plastic bubble. Please excuse my sarcasm, as I’m only frustrated.

Since that initial weekend, I have gotten enough sleep through the week, and so has my girlfriend, so our immune systems should be in-check, right? To boot, my nutritional regimen itself should merit me MORE protection, no? You would think.

And… isn’t it impossible to contract the same illness twice? What’s the deal?

I apologize for the long post and my flustered tone, this whole thing just seems bogus to me. Any information one can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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