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My Dad and I
Sep 14, 2005
My 82 year old father developed a cold last week which is always a bad thing because he has emphysema and any attack on his respritory system ends up into pnemonia. His Dr. said that they might be able to bounce him back this time but this would probably be the LAST time. That is soooo scary. My dad's all I got left.

Anyway, two days after taking care of him, I got sick. But still had to take care of him. I'm getting very little sleep (still not getting much, well none tonight lol). Was up the whole entire night with him before the morning he called 911 to go to the hospital. He's supposed to come home today sometime.

But what's scaring me is that although my respritory distress from the cold/flu has gotten much, much better. I still feel sick as a dog. Especially after I've been asleep (which is why I am avoiding sleep). I sweat constantly. Any temperature change causes me to have chills. And yet, I have no fever. My highest fever was 99.6 a few days ago. My normal body temp is 97.5. I have no idea why but it's been this way ever since I was a kid.

I get periods where I feel so bad it really scares me. Just major fatigue, kinda queasy, lots of sweats as I said previously. It can't possibly be too bad because the dog was restless late tonight without my dad whom he sleeps with so I was playing with him and his plush soccor ball to wear him out. But he follows me around like I'm going to die next (which makes me nervous because animals can sense serious illness in you). Even my cats won't leave my bedroom door. If my door didn't open toward the inside, I'd be trapped in here LOL. But they are obviously all worried. The only thing I can compare this to, is slightly less horrible than how I felt when I was getting mono at age 26. I felt like absolute garbage months before it was full blown mono.

I'm beginning to get afraid this is never going to pass and I'm not going to be able to be there for my dad and need a dr. myself.

Anyone every have a reaction like this to a respritory infection? Colds, flus, bronchitis etc? I still have a cough but it's nothing like it was and coughs tend to hang on a while anyway in my experience. I wasn't worried because I wasn't having any rust colored cough, or green or yellow. Nothing but totally clear. And breathing is easy. Anyone with such an experience, please share. I'd appreciate it.

Oh yeah, been treating myself with Echinacea Complete Care Tea (decaff) with zinc and vit. C. One two tea bag large thermos a day with pure lemon juice and honey added.


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