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I have not been to my docter yet, but i have a slight fever, my throat started hurting yesterday (i assumed it was from allergies) and i started coughing today, i have slight naesia, my tonsils are red and swollen, and i have a white blotchy spot on one of them.. so i seriously doubt it could be anything other than strep, i already started takeing Amoxicillin, ive gotten strep a few times before, im 16, ive also gotten tonsillitus many, many, times.

about a month ago i noticed my tounge felt kind of odd, i had let my blood sugar get too low and it made me vomit, so i assumed id just burned the back of my tounge.
I drink alot of smoothies, and some of them are purple-ish gray-ish, so i assumed my tounged odd colour was from the smoothies.. but now i dont think so.

Does strep effect your tounge, and can it take a month to give you any symptoms?

seeing my tounge.. im worried its not strep, that its something scarey :confused:

i was on looking this up, and found out the tounge thing is a symptom of scarlete fever.. i also have had chills and naesia for the past month, and hardly any appetite, and i notcied a few little little red-ish sandpapery patches on my neck and upper chest, but it was only a little of the rash.. and in teh picture i saw a kid had a rash all over his chest and neck, not just little patches like me, so i dont know if its the same..?

i also read that scarlet fever can effect you for a long time, it says 6 weeks, and its been about 6 weeks sense i first showed symptoms, it started getting bad today.

is scarelete fever dangerous? could i have it instaid of strep? im going to my docter tomorow, but im really worried, and kind of mad at myself for not going a week ago for a regular checkup liek i was suposed to, or saying anything to my dad about my tounge/skin.

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