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Hi Goatmule!

I have rarely in my life gotten colds or flu-like symptoms but during the periods that I did, I have learned what contributed and what helped: Central heat and air recirculate dry air over and over. Try keeping humidifier ( or a simmering pot of water) on when the air is really dry, and maybe keep your window cracked a bit. This keeps your membranes from dehydrating, thus letting in all kinds of germies. Wash your hands all the time! Sing the birthday song while you wash so you will wash long enough, but not so long that you dry out your skin. Use saline nasal spray when in dry air so that your nose stays hydrated. Drinks lots of liquids (water or de-caff stuff would be best), take a multi-vitamin every day. When I do start feeling that ache in the back of my neck that precedes a cold for me, I start snorting Zicam (yes it is expensive, but colds are horrible). I don't know if it is the placebo effect or if it really does what it is supposed to but I don't think I've had a full blown cold in several years. When I do get a cough I have a terrible lingering cough that keeps me up at night. I have learned to start taking those Robatussin Cough Gels (the generic works just fine) at the first sign of a cough, and keep taking them until the cough is gone. That way, the cough doesn't get to be a habit. (I hate the taste of cough syrup). Walking barefoot on a cold floor, or letting my feet get cold makes me cough more. I try to keep my feet very warm when I'm fighting a cold. My oldest son is going into tenth grade and has never missed a day of school in his school career. My nine year old went all this year with perfect attendance. They are outside a lot with sports etc... I walk outside daily. I am a substitute teacher so I tend to work the most during the winter when the teachers are out with their sick kids and there is a lot of sneezing and coughing going on! I know I haven't had a cold during the last two years!

Humidifier, hand washing, Zicam, cough gels. Maybe you need a Benedryl at night for the sneezing. This works for us!

I wish you good health!

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