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Hi, my family has been ill from christmas eve with cold symptoms, coughing, blocked nose, and since around last saturday I started coughing alot, and have had a temperature, headache and painful hip joints. I started off with the coughing and for the past 5 days have been coughing green and yellow phlegm and sometimes clear. I sometimes also get phlegm in my mouth and dont know if its from my throught, but its sometimes yellow with streaks of blood. I have had a blocked nose and my neck glands hurt and I do still have runny nose with green stuff, but mostly a bad cough and wheezing sometimes, and a temperature and chills. The chills have been on and off for the past 3 or 4 days. Is this a chest infection, flu or cold, and how long should it last? Should I see a doctor if it lasts any longer? I know these symptoms sound pretty bad, but i dont feel very ill, I do feel tired though coz I was coughing all night last night, and my back/chest was painful to sleep on one side for some reason! Any way I'd be grateful for any advice! Thanks!

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