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It all started with a stuffy nose and the thought of "Oh great...". I was told I was just over-reacting, but when I went to the doctor after my throat lit up I found out I had a sinus infection, a throat infection, an ear infection, and holy cow... Bronchitis. That shocked me the most until he asked me "Did you know you have a heart murmur?" Apparently because of all this at once my heart was so strained a heart murmur either developed, or became audible.

So then, exactly 10 days pass, antibiotics do the trick, I am clear and free!

Lo and behold... I go to an Italian restaurant the day of my last antibiotic... I eat three bites of garlic bread and a few small bits of chicken and IMMEDIATELY start retching. I run to the bathroom and have dry heaves. I do not finish the chicken and toss it, I figure that something bad or wrong was in it. I feel better three hours later, and then at dinner we have... chicken. I consume the chicken without issue... then at 4am I wake up and run to the bathroom throwing up. I mean, projectile vomit bad, I do so 3 times in a row and feel better. I go back to bed. I wake up an hour later and I get up, my body is hot, everything is sweating, I have sweat pouring all over from my FEET to my FINGERS and my head... I could hardly balance or walk... then I run to the bathroom and have diarrhea for thirty minutes non stop... at the end of this I feel cold. Very very cold. All that heat went away and I felt empty and hollow. Okay... I'm thinking "I have a stomach bug or salmonella" I go back to bed, and every 30 minutes I have to puke... and there is so much acid it is agony in my stomach. Finally morning comes and I find myself puking bile and such, then I take a nice bath from 11am to 2pm. No joke, during that bath I drank bottled water I had taken with me to try and re-establish some fluids in my body... by this time I had lost 8lbs. I probably had to jump out of the tub to have pure water diarrhea seven times, but I also got some sleep in the tub because I kept flushing in hot water. (I'll not be afraid to say I am a rather large broad shouldered 30-lbs overweight male at 250lbs. I have lost 15 since I started watching what I ate) I was keeping after down but I still had the acid, and a few hours after the bath it started again with the vomiting until I drank a cup of milk while swallowing down 4 tablespoons of liquid Motrin Ibuprofen, and crushed up three tums. The acid had completely stopped. (YAY!) Did the vomiting stop? No. (Booo!) Well I weighed myself and went from a flatline 250 all the way down to 238... and now I am sipping Gatorade.

Here's when things got weird... I vomited up scrambled eggs. No question about it... thing is I haven't eaten them in more than two weeks. Does this indicate I could have a blockage in my GI tract :S? And any other suggestions are welcome. If I vomit tomorrow I am going to the healthcare center... I may go regardless.

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