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It is everywhere, it is here in Victoria BC Canada and has been for months it seems. Just when you think you are getting better whamo-it's back again. The weakness I have had since November when I started my first round of antibiotics for bronchitus. My husband has also had it for months, he thought he might be dying because he has had his cough and extreme tiredness since before Christmas. The viruses out there are so much stronger now and they are even getting people who never get sick. I don't work so I have had plenty of rest to get rid of it, but I can't say I'm over it. Headaches, dizzy, sore ears and neck glands, sore all over, sinus, sore throat, constant hacking till I choke or even get sick - I have it all-what a blast. I have stopped taking anything for it because it isn't touching the problem and it is affecting my stomach. Hope you all get better soon-sorry for the bad news.
I am sick, too. How come only some people are getting this???

I have been thinking I will never feel well again. I have avoided so many social events lately and trips because I cannot stop coughing like I am gonna die. A friend of mine ended up in ER 2 weeks ago, and is still not well.

I got sick over Christmas & I have been sick ever since.
My story started with cedar fever, (we have many cedar trees in Texas) and then went into a sinus infection. Now I think that my allergies lowered my resistance to whatever flu this is. My doc said the people with allergies just can't seem to shake it.

My doc was so frustrated that he ordered a CT of my sinuses so he could see it. yep it was there just sitting there having fun tormenting me.

I am on my 3rd round of antibiotics.
I am convinced this is a "flu" that is outa control. My husband had it, lost his voice and was well after two weeks. My sis in laws--both had it, but got well after a month.
Now my 6 year old nephew has walking pneumonia from this bug.

Is this the bird flu that everyone kept saying was coming?
If could stop coughing I could actually function.

Somone please alert the media.

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