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I know that there are many weird viruses going around right now. Right after the new years holiday I came down with something very strange and I was wondering if anyone here has the same symptoms, and if they or their doctor identified what the hell this thing is.

I noticed about a week before I got sick I had strange dizzy/lightheadedness and nausea spells that would go on and off throughout the day. Then I felt ok for a few days and after that I woke up one day with a horrible sore throat, extreme fatigue, and became very irritable. That turned into a flu-like feeling, a fever blister or whatever that suddenly popped up on the roof of my mouth, a dry burning throat, tearing eyes, slight body aches that would come and go and a feeling of needing to sleep for hours on end. Then the sore throat dissipated and it turned into a feeling of clogged sinuses and pressure in my head with a transient headache than never really goes away.

Strangely I have had no real fever and still have an appetite. Its just the oddest feeling in the world.

Like I said, I know there is so much stuff out there today that never existed when I was a kid. What ever happened to just a regular cold and the flu. You got sick, you knew what it was. You rested for a week or two and it was gone. But lately I have been hearing about people getting all these odd things that linger and linger and turn into something else.

Last summer I got hit with that 2 month stomach virus and now this. What a way to begin the new year.

If anyone has a similar story, please let me know.

Feeling alone and sick in NJ :(


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