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Hi Pete,

I had a really bad cold/flu whatever has been going around a few weeks ago....fever, chills, horrible phemby cough and congestion so bad I thought I had to go to the hospital because at one point I could barely breathe. As it started to subside, I felt it morph into the symptoms you just described, most notably, the twitchy muscles. I'm mostly recovered from the major cold symtpoms, but am left with a lingering spasmatic cough that makes my head pound when I do, a low-grade headachy feeling, and the muscles all over my body feeling jumpy, achy, and just plain weird. But on top of it, Ive also had a low-grade stomach ache as well, no real appetite and feeling like whatever it is that I got turned into a stomach virus.

There is so much weird stuff out there, all we can do is try to keep our immune systems up. I take a lot of vitamins and it really seems to help.

Hang in there and let me know how you are doing.

Feel better,

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