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Well I caught this nasty cold virus that's going around three weeks ago. Started with lots of post nasal drip, feeling lethargic, some sinus pressure and the beginning of a cough. Then it moved into the chest. Eventually my sinuses plugged up (which I MUCH prefer to the dripping!). That's pretty much done now, and I'm back to some post nasal drip. By the end of week one I was feeling really, really sick and wouldn't leave the couch unless I absolutely had to. I'm going into week four, and not feeling quite that bad, but the cough is just as bad as ever. I'm still having whistling in my lungs and horrible coughing/gagging fits regularly through the day. What I'm coughing up is not thick like when I was really sick, but it still never seems to go away!

I can't take cold and flu meds, so all I've been able to use is Buckley's, and Vicks rub. They're better than nothing, but really don't help much. Does anyone have any suggestions for cough relief? I am going to see a doctor this coming week. I haven't had a fever (though I've felt like I had one a few times due to the nasal problems). So I'm hopeful that it's not bronchitis or pneumonia.

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