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Everyone has been sick for a month and no one seems to be getting well. We will start to get well then relapse. My husband, me, my grown daughter and her 4 year old daughter have been sick all this time. Our 2 year old grandson seems to be doing ok, but he is the only one.
I had acute bronchitis and have been to the ER and then a follow up to the Dr. My husband has been to the ER. My daughter is toughing it out with no health insurance. Me and my husband have had antibiotics and I also have an inhaler to help. I havent been this sick in years. It is kind of scary when you keep relapsing.
Ok thats the background, and my question is this: Is anyone else experiencing any flu/cold/bronchitis sickness where they arent getting well and it doesnt seem to be ending? I just want to know if anyone else is going through this neverending sickness that seems to keep relapsing. I have started to get better twice and then relapsed. Im getting better the last couple days but now my chest is hurting again. Is this some kind of virus going around that keeps people sick for weeks and weeks? I don't know of anyone else with this.
If you can let me know if this is happening to you or anyone you know please respond. I just want to know I'm going to finally get better. Normally this wouldnt affect me mentally so bad but I already have medical issues and I am reaching the end of my mental rope with trying to fight this. It is very depressing. And tonight my granddaughter who has also been sick for a month has 102.6 temp. All this sickness is really getting me down.
Thanks people.

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