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In our case, my son was the first to get sick. I took care of him night and day for about a week...all the while bragging that moms never get sick. That came back to haunt me!

I had no symptoms till about 10 days after he first got sick. Thank goodness he is young and strong, and recovered fully. I got it next, roughly 3 weeks ago, and my husband shortly after me. Since he had to work, I did everything I could to get him better, and he is now back to work and school. He is on antibiotics, just to make sure he doesn't re-infect me.

I'm glad you got your boyfriend in to the ER, acute bronchitis is nothing to laugh about either. I sure hope you don't get it.

I would use hand sanitizer, wash all the linens and towels in hot soapy water, sterilize the dishes in the dishwasher, and keep his utensils, glasses etc. separate from yours. I used alcohol on cotton balls to disinfect the telephones, the doorknobs, the bathroom fixtures etc.

I know it sounds like a lot of extra work, but anything you can do to protect yourself is worth it. I even slept in our guest room, so my coughing wouldn't pollute our bedroom.

Keep us posted, and make him fully recover to avoid a relapse...I know how men can be when they are sick- ha ha

Be well!

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