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I have been taking care of my ill boyfriend for the past four days now.
The first day he was hit hard with a deep, congested cough, chills, headaches, sore throat, and body aches.
The second day he seemed to be doing a lot better. He was mobile, talkative, but was still just a little drowsy and tired.
Day three and four are horrible. He has slept for both straight days (well about 20 hours now). He hasn't even woken up to go to the bathroom! His body is hot, his voice has gotten a lot deeper and raspier, sometimes he sweats...The odd thing is that his glands are normal!

I haven't felt any symptoms of getting ill and I have gotten sick three times this winter with the Norwalk Virus and usually get sick from friends who have a cold or something like that.

What is going on with him?

Another symptom is that I have found three bumps around his chest area on his skin that are the size of a normal pimple, but completely red. My boyfriend hasn't had the chicken pox, but has had the vaccination for it at a very young age. Is it possible it may be the chicken pox? He's just very ill, but not contagious.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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