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***its the left side, not the right***

Over the last 3 days this sore throat that I had has turned a full 360. Im currently awake because every time i lie down i feel like im literally choking and whenever i swallow(often) it feels like barbed wire is running up and down my throat. Its only on the left side though. Approx. 8 days ago i went to the doctors office and i was given a steroid shot.i was also given a strep test which was negative..cleared the sore throat right up...i just dont understand why its back and back with a vengeance. i'v been gargling warm salt water, the salt water isnt working and iv been doing it since 11pm Saturday ...i wont be able to go to the doctor again until Monday, but i cant stay awake until then...any ideas? im embarrassed to admit but it hurts so bad im basically crying every time i have to swallow:( i cant really tell if anything is swollen on the left side but its really sensitive.

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