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i'm thinking maybe i have strep throat & scarlet fever but it doesn't add up.

it's rare for an adult, but this isn't just something kids can get, my son had it months back and he is 20 yrs old

i have white spots (sores) on my tonsils, I can feel them, they kind of hurt, saw them, throat looks red to me, no trouble swallowing or anything though like a usual sore throat

i don't feel really sick, it's strange, no fever I can tell of, but I did have the chills like Monday night ~ but i also had a bladder infection

friday night i break out all over with this sunburn deep red type rash on my stomach, back, legs, & top of my feet, it went away after I woke up yesterday morning

last night it recurs again, my breasts start itching really bad & the top of my feet, next thing I know I'm broke out all over (breasts, stomach, back, legs, arms, & top of feet), and on my legs it looked like it was welping

this morning, it is yet again gone except for a small spot on my stomach, still have an irritated throat (it's not severe)

when my son had that rash, he had strep and a really high fever, they incubated him and he said his skin ended up pealing because of it, he had been home to visit & went back overseas with it.

what I don't get #1 no fever #2 it keeps going away

I googled pics and yea it looks like a scarlet rash but ........... idk


what else could it be?

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