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I have had a sore throat & dry hacking cough 2 weeks & counting. My cough is a lot more aggrivated at night when I lye down. I sleep very poorly at night because of my coughing but then I seem to sleep better during the day but I get all out of wack. The cough is like a constant tickle in my throat, I cough so hard & have so many coughing spells that I gag. It is non productive & I cannot vomit anything up. I have tried buckley's cough syrup and tylenol#1's and advil. I was tested for whooping cough with that gross swab thing that they stick way up your nose & I haven't heard of a result yet.
My throat is very (constantly) sore, the doc says my tonsils look norma (although they look enlarged to me), no puss, he took a swab anyway. I have a very long history of tonsillitis. My lungs are clear. I am afebrile.
My nose starting running about 2 days into my illness and stopped about 6 days later, since then I am a bit stuffed up but it is fairly mild.

I have no allergies & highly doubt it has anything with asthma. I am curious if it is whooping cough because how can a viral infection go on and on with no sign of improvement? I have never had post nasal drip & if this was the case why can I sleep ok during the day when I am still lying down? I am really miserable & starting to think that this will never go away. :( Any insight would be appreciated.

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