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Earlier this week, about 3 days ago, I started having a horrible backache. Smack dab in the middle and lower back - I didn't strain it or pull a muscle - just a horrible ACHE, so much so even the skin is sensitive.

Well this morning, after having a horrible nights sleep, I realized I felt feverish - took it and it's 99.4 and I STILL ache all over but mostly in my back area and that's when it hit me - this feels like the flu.

I've had the flu before and I realize the flu hits suddenly and with a high fever. So I'm not so sure. No other symptoms really, just feeling crappy, TIRED, achey and now feverish.

I initially thought I had over down my work outs on Monday and Tuesday here in the Texas heat - since the acheing started Wed. night.

I don't know...any thoughts? I'm just miserable right now. I've never had my SKIN actually be sensitive when my back ached.

Someone chime in and tell you experienced the same thing.:confused:
If I were you I'd now watch for a rash on or near the site of the pain/burning.
It could be shingles which can start with a flulike illness but without the very high fever. The fact that your skin is sensitive to touch is what is really leaning me in this direction. Have you had chickenpox in the past? I ask because you had to have had it had some point in life in order to get shingles as it comes from the same virus - it lays dormant in your body and can reactivate at any time especially under times of stress or trauma to the body.

Shingles can be very painful. If you do develop a rash (blistery) and it is shingles the doc can give you medication (antiviral) to try to shorten the duration of the illness but you have to get the meds within 24-48 hours of the start of the rash for it to be effective.
I wish you luck!
Thanks for the reply. Actually, I didn't mention that I did go to the Dr. last week because of the pain. The Dr. did prescribe Valtrex to start using at the first sign of a rash - shingles was his concern as well. No rash so far. Aleve has really helped this weekend and I have to say, last night was the first decent sleep. It's getting better. Now, I'm leaning towards the culprit being an old matress. Slept on the couch last night until 2am and all was fine, went and got in bed and not a minute later my back was hurting - weird.

Still have some sensitivity this morning but it is getting better.

Thanks for the response.
Hopefully all will be ok then but the skin sensitivity doesn't seem to fit with the mattress problem. If it does turn out to be shingles it makes sense that the aleve helps since it's an anti-inflammatory and the pain from shingles is from inflamed nerves. I would hold onto that Valtrex though! For me it was 2 weeks from the start of my symptoms to the first sign of rash (not really the norm I don't think) and even then I waited too long since mine was on the back of my scalp and so I couldn't see it to know what it looked like back there and by the time I went it was also severely infected and I suffered a loooong time with it. Good luck to you! I hope it's not shingles!

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