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Can you believe it that I have this flu for at least 7 weeks?

Not 7 days but 7 weeks. I hope this week is my recovery week. God please! I need back those energy.

This week not as exhausted as previous weeks. My energy is slowly coming back but my mind still feels dull and body a bit achy. Breathing is a bit fast. Coughing has decreased when I found out from my x-ray that my lungs were fine.

Could it be the food I eat?
On my 6th-7th week:
-I stopped eating cereal as it makes my coughing worst.
-I asked my mother to put lots of onions when she cook for me as I heard that onions can kill the virus. Not a nice taste, but when you know that onions are "goodies" you just have to take them.
- I avoid chilled drinks/juices. They just make me feel 'cold'. I prefer drinks/ juices that are not chilled and left at room temperature.
- My mother makes some nice soups. One of the soup I took, helped relief/decreased the coughing at night. Too bad I don't know the name of that soup.
- On my 7th week, I cooked up vegetarian spaghetti using broccoli, and carrots and olives. The richness of the spaghetti sauce plus the olives and a sprinkle of olives oil taste delicious. Too bad I don't have Parmesan cheese. I swear I feel better eating it.
- Eating food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) is important because it helps to gain back my energy.
- Avoid sugary drinks. Things like cranberry juice, blueberry juice that you find in the supermarket taste too sweet.
- How could I forget a hot cup of lemon and honey drink. Smoothing.

Below is my brief extract of my 7 week journey to the doctor. If I was to do differently, I would have ordered my doctor to give me the x-ray during my third visit.

1st visit to doc:
Me: coughing, extreme fatigue, headache, feverish.
doc: "you got a high temperature. You got the flu. Take paracetamol."

2nd visit to same doc:
Me: coughing, extreme fatigue, light-headed, feverish.
doc: "I'll give you antibiotics to take."

3rd visit to the same doc:
Me: "hey doc, I've been coughing for 4-5 weeks. Any recommended cough suppressant?"
doc: "I'll prescribe you codeine Linctus. But it will make you drowsy."

4th visit to the same doc:
Me: "doc, I've been coughing for 7 weeks now. Tried all those cough meds but they don't help.
doc: "7 weeks?! You need a x-ray done immediately. Plus, I'll give you a different antibiotic to take. You have a fever. Take Paracetamol."
Me: "I've been taking Paracetamol for at least 7 weeks. I hope it's safe."

I didn't purchased the antibiotic. I didn't want to ruin my health if this infection was a virus instead of a bacteria.

x-ray done.

5th visit to the same doc:
doc: "your x-ray is fine. Don't know what's causing you to cough. But try your best not to cough. You need to purchase a inhaler to clear your lungs."

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