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Ok, this started back in November - I have gotten this cold on and off 3 times. My kids have gotten 4 times each. My daughter is left with annoying headaches but is ok now. I have taken her doctors during that time 6 times with bronchitis, sinus infection, etc. My son had 4 times with bronchitis, ear infection and stuffy nose.

I had a sinus infection, and annoying dripping and mucus that just won't go away. I was on the z-pac, amoxicillion, and now my doctor has concluded that it is allergies. I am now on claritan, saline spray, and flonases prescription nose spray. My doctor keeps telling my lungs are clear so I have been checked. There is alot of fluid in my left ear. I don't know why it decided to attach itself to my left ear. My jaw with hurt and my face will get flush on that one side. You can actually feel the fluids in the ear. I haven't had any headaches. Just alot of sinus pressure. Then I will get pain in my shoulder with a stiff neck. My daughter gets the same thing and she describes it as like you lifted weights. It drips in your throat and causes you to have a scratchy throat. Lots of white mucus with come up in the morning and then other mornings none. I did notice yellow mucus came up one morning but then it went back to white mucus.:confused:

The funny thing is I think it has to do with the weather - we have had no snow this year where I live and the weather has been warm when it should be cold. One day I feel terrific and then another day I feel like I do when I get seasonal allergies (what I described above). I skipped my claritan one day and I felt lousy the next day.

Does anyone have this nasty cold or allergy problem?

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