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It may be too late now, but why didn't the doc test to see if she actually had the flu? That is what they are doing now in Texas. If you go to doc for this, they do the test, because it is supposed to be reported! They are keeping track of it.

I had a virus (not flu) that was as bad as any flu you can get. And I no longer taste or smell anything like before. My ear keeps making noises when i try to sleep and I was so sick to my stomach when i got out of bed.

It has been 7 days and my husband who has it too is still sick.
My headache is in the back of my neck and all up to my forehead. I drank strong coffee finally to try to get rid of it.
Being so sick I had stopped eating and drinking enough fluids and that can contribute to a terrible headache.

today I am finally better but it has been the worst experience.

As for the fatigue, even a terrible new virus strain can cause fatigue for many weeks. But also the flu is known for that. Your daughter needs her nutr\itional needs to be met. She is surely now deficient in minerals and enzymes. When these things are out of whack, you feel as bad as before.

It sounds like it was the flu, so you can expect many weeks of extreme fatigue. sorry. But that is very typical. Find a good liquid or powder vitamin source. Not pills or capsules, she won't get enough from that,.

Fruits of every kind are important. Don't load up on protein yet, because why tax the body? I found aleve to be very helpful with my headache but the thing that really helped was caffeine.

yes, a cup of coffee did wonders. I brewed a strong pot, and put a lot of sugar in it and forced myself to drink it. Within 2 hrs my headache was so much better. Use a heating pad to warm up the back, neck and shoulders and then massage. A hot shower directed at her back will help.

Being in bed sick, causes our muscles to jam up and if you don't massage out the knots, she will continue to have a headache. Be sure she has some toast in her stomach before the coffee. We don't want her getting sick.

Getting over these viruses requires some old fashioned remedies.

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