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I have a white dot on my left tonsil and it got larger and started to bother me today after I gargled with mouthwash. It was there yesterday and no sore throat. My throat will on hurt on that left side every once in a while but it's not like a typical sore throat type of hurt. It seems related to that white dot or spot.

I have been feeling ill the last couple of day though. Very tired, muscle aches and general weakness. Headaches, sinus issues for at least a month now. And the sinus issues are worse right now. Stuffy and crusty and yellow to green bits. My mouth is pretty dry and I feel warm at times. But not burning up. No other real symptoms, other than just feel like crap.

Sinus issues going on month now. Feeling tired, a few days. The other symptoms are new, within the last day. Also some chest tightness or what feels like something (cold congestion) settling into the left side of my chest? When I take deep breathes my chest tightens and there is some discomfort at times. It varies. But that is new too.

What is this white spot if no sore throat?? I guess I'm trying to decide if even going to the dr. is worth it if they will just say it's a viral cold, wait it out or what. I have seen too many Drs thus year and am just trying not to be a worry wart if it's just a bad cold or flu that will resolve on its own with time and rest.

Ideas? Thoughts?

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