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... I would go back to the doctor if you don't feel better soon. A cough like that can go into pneumonia quickly. Is there a reason you are only taking 1 ibuprofen every 4 hours? You can take up to 4 every 6 hours-it will really help with fever/chills and pain/inflammation. Hope you feel better soon! SK (4 replies)
... i have had a fever average around 102....going as high as 104 and as low as 95.7......uncontrolable chills at night that makes my lower back spasm...when i cough it feels like the top of my head is going to pop off....... ... (4 replies)
... I feel as if I'm at the end of my rope. I'm 24 years old, and I've felt aged and withered beyond my years ever since coming down with Type A Influenza earlier this year. ... (0 replies)

... Well as 2. ... (1 replies)
Feb 9, 2012
... Where did you see it on TV because maybe I can find it online. Mine is starting to mess with my acid reflux because the mucus goes up and down in my chest. Then I will have the pain in my ear which runs down my shoulder. My doctor just said it is fluids backed up in the ears. Now I am waking up with spacey headaches above my eye brows. I feel so obsessed with my... (5 replies)
Feb 9, 2012
... Hubby has had it twice and just about everyone I know has it and we all seem to get the same answer..possible allergies. Mine started off as a sinus and ear infection but now seems to be just an annoying tickle in the throat and a LOT of post nasal drip. ... (5 replies)
... Gosh this is so true about venturing out of the house the cough and the stuffy nose get worse. My kids will go out and play outside in the cold for just 20 minutes and then the next day get the cold again. This is my third time with it and I am on Amoxicillian till it goes away. I have fluid in my ears now. This morning I coughed up yellow mucus just once and then it... (8 replies)
... This is a nasty upper respiratory cold that has been going around. My kids got a sinus infection, and bronchitus from it and I had it for 2 months. It feels like your chest is so tight. I hated this cold. Got it twice. I lost my voice today because the drip is still there. My conclusion is the weather has brought on allergies. (8 replies)
... I'm still a bit concerned about my lost voice however. As I say I'm not coughing as much, and haven't had a sore throat for several days, however I still can't speak very easily. ... (8 replies)
... *** Hope you are feeling better now *** did you get the results back from the xray? #1 - get lots of rest #2 - go to bed early every nite - I find when i go to bed late just for 1 nite the nasty bug says "I;m still in you" and I feel sick again. #3 - drink fluids and take extra strength pain killers take care eh? (8 replies)
... I find myself struggling sometimes to breath as I'm coughing it up. ... (8 replies)
... I would hope that you can go as soon as possible, to get what ever medications going, and to get a real diagnosis. I wish I could tell you exactly what is going on, but I cannot. ... (3 replies)
... This week not as exhausted as previous weeks. My energy is slowly coming back but my mind still feels dull and body a bit achy. Breathing is a bit fast. ... (5 replies)
... If started at the first sign of virus, they can end it quicker. Also, make sure that you sleep as much as possible, stay warm, and eat as much nutritious food as you have an appetite for. ... (1 replies)
Super bug cold
Apr 29, 2011
... t it wants to be your friend for life. It really runs your system down too. I've been taking extra vitamins, especially C and a Probiotic and doing a sinus rinse as often as I can. ... (8 replies)
... Now today I woke up feeling great, yesterday lousy so go figure. I'm still a bit stuffy but that is about it. Don't freak out over it as it has to end soon. As long as all our blood work came back fine, and I had A LOT done cause it was the annual thing, I am not going to get upset. ... (46 replies)
... JJ, would you mind sharing your symptoms again so I can compare? When sick, I have loss of appetite, white coated tongue--this is how I know im getting sick, fatigue/malaise and a temp not usually higher than 99.0 or so--though it goes up and down to upper 97s intermittently. I would not say I have an issue with fever at all. My nose can get a bit runny and in my... (46 replies)
... e friday that hers is back, now this is her 3rd go around with it and she is on antibiotics. I really hope it gets out of your system and doesn't get like before as I know how you feel. Mine keeps doing the same thing, I feel great for a week and then crummy for about 3 days but so far have not had to go on antibiotics. ... (46 replies)
... Thank you for your response. As I am around numerous smokers every day! I don't have an HMO, unfortunately. So I am going to keep on with this. ... (4 replies)
Flu ???
Dec 18, 2010
... es and dreadful pain in my neck and base of head causing headaches so bad could barely put my head on the pillow.....sore throat.........took three days off work as my throat was so painful.... ... (0 replies)

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