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... Yeah smoking does cause a real bad cough, so I wouldnt be smoking again if I were you! ... (5 replies)
... hi everyone just wanted opinions on this plz i had a viral infection for 3 weeks with a realy bad cough and am now coughing phlem with blood streaks i have bad aniety and scared to go to the doctor as i fear the worse i did have a course of antibiotics that cleared up the thick geen phlem but its now light yellow with blood streaks its now seven days has anyone ever had this... (0 replies)
... I started 5 days ago with what I thought was a bad cold. sore throat streaming nose and tickly cough. After 24 hrs my temperature was up. My nomal temp range via my ear thermometer is 36.9 in morning up to 37. ... (0 replies)

... It must be the good English weather, I started with a runny nose on friday and on saturday also got a sore throat and my head is sore, Well this morning I cough and it had blood in!! ... (5 replies)
... Well i had this cold on wednesday night but gradually turned into a cough which has gradually gotten worst. ... (5 replies)
... I would agree that coughing up blood is definitely a serious thing. ... (5 replies)
... Coughing up blood is serious. Get to a doctor to get checked out soon. ... (5 replies)
... flu like symptoms for about on and off two to three months. Ive been on three sets of anti biotics which cured it for a short period of time but the cough and the nose congestion always returns. I have problems with stress and i become run down alot. ... (4 replies)
... Many years ago about 20 or so I had a very bad sore throat once. It is the worst I ever had, similar to what you describe. ... (7 replies)
... h the same thing! I went to the ER Thursday and was told it was a viral syndrome. There are over 200 types! I was given an IV because I was so dehydrated. All my blood work came back ok. But I have a bad headache and bad cough with lots of congestion in my chest and I am 20 weeks pregnant! I even got a Flu shot 2 months ago. ... (25 replies)
... Or a blood clot or something? ... (0 replies)
... biotics for 4 days now. She is coughing up blood every now and then. Is this normal sign of a bad case of bronchitis? ... (4 replies)
Please help me
Feb 20, 2003
... Hi there. I was wondering how long a bad chest cold/infection can last? My lungs started to feel bad, the first of January; so I quit smoking. After I quit, I continued to get worse and worse; suffering from shortness of breath and sore/painful chest and upper back. I've been to my doctor twice...the first time he had me get a chest x-ray; get blood taken; do this breath test,... (1 replies)
... a while, during the early stages you have colorful phlegm and then it goes white and eventually clear. I believe it's normal to see every now and then streaks of blood due to throat irritation. Constant blood streaks can be dangerous and you should go to the doc if that is the case. ... (4 replies)
... but its sometimes yellow with streaks of blood. I have had a blocked nose and my neck glands hurt and I do still have runny nose with green stuff, but mostly a bad cough and wheezing sometimes, and a temperature and chills. The chills have been on and off for the past 3 or 4 days. ... (4 replies)
... My brother had the same ting and he was smoking the same time so i think that's wat it is from. (5 replies)
... to work today after 5 weeks of being the sickest that I have ever seen him. It started with a mild sore throat that only lasted for a couple of days. Then the cough started..........and what a cough it was. It sounded like he was coughing his lungs up. He would cough until he threw up. ... (6 replies)
... Now my cough has gone to this dry annoying non productive cough. ... (5 replies)
More Questions
Feb 24, 2005
... Not sure if I have a respiratory infection or something more serious. About a week ago, I got sick with a really bad headache and fever. Over the past couple of days, that has gone away but new symptoms of runny nose and cough have appeared. ... (3 replies)
... ray is usually in order. That was the only way they found mine as my blood test was normal. ... (2 replies)

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