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... th green stuff, but mostly a bad cough and wheezing sometimes, and a temperature and chills. The chills have been on and off for the past 3 or 4 days. Is this a chest infection, flu or cold, and how long should it last? ... (4 replies)
... or the replie! The coughing always gets to me when I egt colds,. It always seems to go down to my chest. I also have asthma so I find it hard to know if I have a chest infection or if my asthma is playing up. I went to the pharmacy today and got some cough medicine so hopefuly that will help. ... (4 replies)
Deadly Flu
Dec 5, 2003
... thanks, today it is gone, tomorrow it will be back I'm sure. Dr said my sinus drainage is a contributing factor. As my lungs were clear of congestion. And you are right, ignorance can be bliss! I just wish I wasn't so nosy and need to read about everything. (9 replies)

Deadly Flu
Dec 4, 2003
... I think that you should go to the doctor to get your chest problem dealt with. You may have bronchitis, which should be cleared up with antibiotics. ... (9 replies)
Flu and heartrate
Dec 29, 2006
... h,and i felt as if my heart was going a bit quicker than normal.This morning after a heavy nights boozing i woke up feeling poor.The cough has moved down into my chest and my whole body aches and i've got a bit of a fever hands are sweaty etc. ... (0 replies)
... est. I've had pneumonia twice and I have very slight asthma that only acts up when I start to get a cold. I don't know about you but I would rather get a stomach flu than deal with coughs, colds and flu! ... (4 replies)
... but i think i have now the flu from hell. ... (1 replies)
Bad chest
Feb 25, 2007
... Hi Im new and would like a bit of help .I caught a bad flu and developed a chest infection, got antibiotics Tavanic-levofloxacin from the doctor, steriods and alupent- cough bottle after three days I started to have terribles shakes tremors inside -temperture normal.I stoped taking the medication ,three days later only paracetamal and normal cough bottle still have headace on... (1 replies)
... terrible muscle pain everywhere. Assumed it was flu and went straight to bed. ... (0 replies)
... I'd say that you have a bad cold. The flu would knock you completely out and you say that you don't feel very ill. Colds are horrible as they can hang on for a couple of weeks or more. ... (4 replies)
... Chest and respiratory problems, can help chamomile tea. For those who had such symptoms most go and see a doctor apparently is not just a little cold, and you will suffer some instances worse. (2 replies)
Cold or flu
Nov 3, 2005
... Well i got an emergency appointment at the docs on monday he just said i had a chest infection and gave me some antibiotics which i have been taking since then but the problem now is i still cant eat anything, if i do it just runs straight through me i'm supposed to be back at work tomorrow night but i still get the sweats when i go out should i get a new sick line or just go... (2 replies)
... I am so sick from this allergy pill. I had a high fever, chills, night sweats, terrible soar throat for 4 days now and a bad chest infection. ... (1 replies)
Flu symptoms
Oct 22, 2002
... Usually, doctors diagnose flu on the basis of whether flu is epidemic in the community and whether the patient's complaints fit the current pattern of symptoms. ... (1 replies)
... I had the flu about 2 weeks ago. Typical flu symptoms with fever, aches, dry cough. I was put on Mucinex and Tessalon for the cough. Chest xray ruled out pneumonia. ... (3 replies)
... felt better for a day or so, but then started to feel flu like, with a very sore chest again last week. My head and neck ache really bad, and I feel totally shattered all the time. My skin is really dry, and I look terrible. ... (1 replies)
... Hello. I'm very very worried. Right now I have flu and a chest infection. ... (4 replies)
... I did call about the appointment about the flu shots....and the clinic at my doctor's office doesn't have them till the end of the month. So, I can go any time. ... (19 replies)
... I would get to your doc and get a chest xray. I SWORE I had some sort of sinus infection, cold, flu, virus....what have you....but I finally went to the doctor and it turned out to be pneumonia. ... (1 replies)
... I have had a fever ranging up to 102.0 since Saturday AM - and added in to this is my normal temp is around 97.5 F, but I don't have any other symptoms that I would normally associate with it like a sore throat, stuffy or runny nose. NOTHING. Just aches, fatigue, weakness, the sound of lung butter in my chest, and fever for 5 straight days. I went to a clinic on Sunday... (0 replies)

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