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... I have had a very bad cold and chesty cough I have noticed a streak of blood when coughing up mucus,is it anything to worry about ? ... (3 replies)
... Last Friday about 9 days ago I started to get a really bad sore throat and chest. By the Saturday I was coughing up green phlegm. I started erythromycin antibiotics 250mg four times a day for 7 days and I got no better. If anything worse and developed a streaming cold. ... (0 replies)
... Are you by chance on any other meds such as high blood pressure meds? ... (19 replies)

... increased heart rate, blood pressure etc. see your doctor. ... (4 replies)
... yed and worsened in Nov and December but has finally started to diminish. However, I still feel like I have some congestion in my chest, I still have occassional coughing fits and then this morning I blew my nose and had blood and then coughed and had a tiny bit of what looked like blood in the mucus! ... (9 replies)
... Friday 16th I came down with what I thought was a bad cold and cough because of the two jabs I had had in the 5 days previous and this was over a week ago. ... (5 replies)
... me nuts. Last week I had a low grade temp and a cough that turned into bronchitis this week once it starts to get better Im sinuses start going crazy and now Im coughing my head off again. ... (25 replies)
Mouth problem
Feb 12, 2008
... My mom, sister, brother and me have all had this cold for the past 3 weeks. ... (0 replies)
Advice Please
Nov 24, 2006
... y feeling in back of throat. sometimes bring up thick yellow sputem still. my nose is still a little mucusy, now when i blow it , it sometimes has little bits of blood and little black bits also? ... (1 replies)
... w. When I sleep I wake up in sweat and feel feverish. My nose gets really stuffed up and when I blow, the mucus is that infected bright green color but with some blood mixed in it. Also during the night the mucus leaks out of my right eye. I'm coughing up mucus too. ... (1 replies)
... Blood in m mocus only happend 3 or 4 times the whole time i have been sick. And it was streaks of blood when i throat was irritated. ... (1 replies)
... There is a bad cold like that going around here in the part of florida that i'm in. ... (2 replies)
... My brother had the same ting and he was smoking the same time so i think that's wat it is from. (5 replies)
... I had a cold about one month ago. All the symptoms left except the cough. It would get better but then get worse as the weather changed. ... (0 replies)
... You probably need to see a doctor. I had this going on a month and I finally took some antibiotics and it did the trick. I needed the antibiotics and an inhaler to get the junk out of my chest. I felt weak for about 6 weeks and I am finally better at 8 weeks. I hope that you can see someone who can help. (5 replies)
... have you been to a doctor? If not you really should. sounds like you need a antibiotic. (5 replies)
... thanks. i'm sorry yo've been sick so long. this sucks. i really want to sleep but every time i try to sleep i wake up w/myheart racing and i start having anxiety cause of it. but i didnt have this problem much before i got very sick. so i can't hardly get any sleep. unless i stay up real real late until i can't help but go to sleep. i'm so tired. lol (5 replies)
... Well I think you should see a doctor. Coughing up blood in never good! ... (21 replies)
... green with a tiny amount of blood. I would get into these coughing fits to the point of getting a headache. ... (16 replies)
... hi there....i have had a horrible cold for the past 5 days and i can't seem to get rid of this cough. ... (1 replies)

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