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Ear clogged up
Dec 12, 2009
... Hello,i have had a cold for abot a week now.. Went to doctor 3 days ago and got a shot and some antibotics because he said my left ear had alot of fluid in it. He said i would be better in a few is still stopped up like its full of fluid still.. Is this normal? ... (0 replies)
... My right ear has been clogged for 2 weeks now. Cant seem to get it to pop. Seems like its all blocked up with mucus and the mucus keeps dripping into my right lung which makes me cough. ... (1 replies)
Clogged ear?
Aug 31, 2002
... I think I have a cold of some sort, its different then others. I have a clogged ear and have tried everything to unblock it. Is this something new going around? ... (2 replies)

... Try A neti pot... works wonders you can find them at any drug store.. I just had a clogged ear for a week and sudafed woudn't budge it.. I used the pot and it was gone right after I blew my nose.. give it a try! ... (3 replies)
... Right now my ear has been clogged up for 3 weeks, I went to the doc on Friday adn she said to do the ear drops, well it got better Sunday but now its back again! I guess, I'm just getting fed up, could this be allergies? ... (0 replies)
... Sinus infections can cause problems within the inner ear, which can cause dizziness. Unless the vertigo continues, there's probably no problem-- just a symptom of the infection. (1 replies)
... My left ear has been clogged for almost a week. This happened once before a few months ago but it just went away after a week and a half. ... (12 replies)
... I saw a post on here earlier that said for that "cloggy" ear feeling get a syringe and wash them out...Do you put water in the syringe? ... (3 replies)
... i have alot of sinus congestion, it has backed up into my ear. Now i am having trouble hearing out of it. what can i use to get rid of the congestion (3 replies)
... l of a sudden probably only for 5 seconds the whole room started to spin and i put my head down cause i was for sure i felt like to pass out but i didnt. Then my ear made like a suction popping sound and i was fine. ... (1 replies)
... Get a neilmed nasal wash kit from your pharmacy. It flushes the mucous from nasal passage which connect to the ears and will relieve the pressure within a few days. I have been using it twice daily for the last several weeks and my ear popped the first day and has not reclogged since. I hope this helps you as much as it did me. T. Carter (1 replies)
... if you have cotton balls and peroxide then you are set. if you tilt your clogged ear up put 4 drops in your ear and let it bubble for a bit then tilt your head to let the peroxide drain out of your ear. if its still clogged after 5 min then repeat. ... (12 replies)
... If your ear still seems clogged even though the doctor says it is not wax, that's wrong. ... (12 replies)
... lt very tired. This all lasted about 4 days and the sore throat was very light for those 4 days. On the last day of the fever I woke up with extreme pain in my ear and slight deafness. The next day after that my throat was still sore but not too bad, and my ear didn't hurt anymore but I still felt slightly deaf in it. ... (1 replies)
Unshakable Cold?
Dec 10, 2015
... Sinus issues and pain as well as jaw pain and a clogged right ear. All the pain is focused on the right side. Persistent cough and sometimes coughing fits that leave me breathless by the end. ... (1 replies)
... Remember that any type of drug may help with the symptoms you FEEL, but they do not fight the infection. So, you are better off taking a couple of warm baths a day, you can add eucalyptus oil to it. It is naturally antobacterial and antiviral and your body will soak it in and eventually will go into your blood stream where the infection is and fight. You can find these... (3 replies)
... My doc always give me Sudafed for this problem. After a day or so, it's a LOT better! (3 replies)
... me too! The last one I think was the flu its in my chest now and I cant breath and I am wheezing. My ear is completely clogged also. Went to dr got antibiotics nasonex and a inhaler. I am misrable my chest is rumbling. ... (12 replies)
... So....just to let everyone know who doesn't already...try it the next time you are having plugged ear problems, plug and may just clear them up! ... (1 replies)
... Hmm, i've heard white vinegar helps for clogged ears but have never tried it so I'd be wary. ... (12 replies)

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