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a bad cold with exhaustion (96)
a blister in your throat (41)
a cold accompanied by a rash (13)
a cold accompanied by a rash (13)
a cold accompanied by a rash (13)
a cold and coughed up a little blood (19)
a cold and fast heartbeat (100)
a cold clear head (780)
a cold every month (1947)
a cold every month why? (625)
a cold for 4 weeks (13344)
a cold for longer than 3 weeks (728)
a cold for more than 2 months (3385)
a cold for three weeks (1340)
a cold in the eye (2211)
a cold in the eyes (3366)
a cold in the neck (3391)
a cold now laryngitis (39)
a cold or chest infection (507)
a cold or mono? (358)
a cold or something more (7606)
a cold so bad coughing up blood (65)
a cold that lasts a week and a half (45)
a cold that lasts a week and a half (45)
a cold that runs for weeks (161)
a cold that wont go away (205)
a cold with a rash? (1095)
a cold with dizziness? (2015)
a cold with sore neck (565)
a constant cold (2802)
a constant cold for months (972)
a constant cold for months (972)
a constant cold? (2813)
a cough after a cold (1175)
a cough for a long time (1784)
a cough for a week (3004)
a cough that hurt your head (82)
a cough that makes me gag (50)
a cough that makes you gag (39)
a cough with clear phlegm (151)
a cough without a cold or flu (50)
a dry cough with chest pain (150)
a fever for 8 or more days (2040)
a fever of 101 or higher (32)
a fever that lasts more than two days (13)
a fever two days in a row (23)
a flu and a toothache (22)
a flu every month (605)
a good cold medicine (1001)
a have a bad cough and have started coughing up blood (61)
a little blood comes out when i blow my nose (11)
a little blood when i blow nose (96)
a lot of blood in my mucus (268)
a lot of coughing but no phlegm (48)
a lot of yellow phlegm (30)
a lot of yellow snot (11)
a mild fever with no coughing (38)
a nasty cold is going around (258)
a new virus is going around (410)
a new virus that is going around (343)
a pain in the back when i have a cold (6289)
a persistent cold for 4 weeks (80)
a persistent cold for 4 weeks (80)
a persistent cold for 4 weeks (80)
a persistent cold for 4 weeks (80)
a rash after a virus (454)
a rash with a cold (1095)
a rash with a virus (740)
a recurring flu (83)
a sharp pain in side when coughing (54)
a smoker coughing up blood (89)
a spot on tonsils (96)
a tickle in my throat (400)
a very sore throat for 3 weeks (1563)
a virus going around (1717)
a week of cough (3211)
a year after mono i just have chills (17)
abdominal cramping, tired and headaches (11)
abdominal noise diarrhea (42)
abdominal pain headache fatigue and syncope (11)
abnormal swelling like around the neck but no pain (15)
ac makes me sick (30)
ac making me sick (16)
ache all over dizzy headache (27)
ache chest flu (99)
ache in my stomach for the last 2 months (222)
ache in stomach and headache (187)
aches all over but no fever (186)
aches and headache (1086)
aches and upset stomach (232)
aches fever upset stomach (49)
aches headache fever upset stomach (27)
aches pains chest infection (71)
aches stomach headache (211)
aches upset stomach (236)
achey back with cold (89)
achey back with cold (89)
achey back with cold (89)
achey chills fever (12)
achey joints (146)
achey joints flu like symptoms (14)
achey tired sore throat (16)
aching and sore chest (126)
aching body and upset stomach (17)
aching body, upset stomach (17)
aching chest (770)
aching joints sore throat (47)
aching neck + unwell (12)
aching neck and chest (201)
aching neck, feeling unwell (10)
aching sinus (212)
aching sore chest (130)
aching very low back and flu like symptoms (12)
achy all over low grade fever (23)
achy back cold (299)
achy back cold symptoms (107)
achy back from cold (176)
achy back with a cold (186)
achy back, sore throat, headache (13)
achy body and sore throat and headache (12)
achy body and upset stomach (13)
achy body, sore throat and headache (11)
achy body, sore throat, headache (11)
achy neck from the flu (41)
achy tonsil (12)
achy tonsils (24)
achy upset stomach (57)
achy, headache, fatigue (44)
achy, sore throat, tired, headache (14)
acid reflux and strangling (13)
acid reflux and white spots in the throat (13)
acid reflux can trigger sinus (39)
acid reflux cough up blood (42)
acid reflux itchy throat (33)
acid reflux post nasal drip sleeping (12)
acute throat congestion (19)
adhd dating problems (12)
adrenal and fast heart rate fast pulse (11)
adrenal rapid heartbeat (12)
adult coughing blood (41)
adult croup (13)
adult croup t (13)
adult ear congestion (13)
adult fluid in ear no pain (10)
adult form (630)
adult one swollen tonsil no pain (14)
adult sick again after cold (37)
adult strep (220)
adult strep symptoms (27)
adult strep throat (161)
adult strep throat symptoms (23)
adult swollen tonsils (119)
adult swollen tonsils no pain (36)
adults croup (13)
adverse effects and flu shots (10)
adverse effects of flu vaccine (10)
adverse flu shot reactions (16)
adverse reaction to flu shot (26)
adverse reaction to flu shots (13)
adverse reactions to flu shot (16)
afraid of stomach flu (89)
afraid of strep test (31)
afraid of throat culture (17)
after a cold blood blowing nose (22)
after a cold got spots (187)
after a cold how do i get taste back (117)
after a cold i coughed blood (30)
after antibiotics still have yellow mucus (18)
after antibiotics earache (21)
after being sick i still have congestion (56)
after being sick tired easily (122)
after blow my nose get very dizzy (21)
after blowing ear felt dizzy (15)
after blowing nose dizziness (36)
after cold and still feeling tired (677)
after cold cough wont go away (10)
after cold coughing up blood (129)
after cold i got rashes (85)
after cold keeps coughing (23)
after cold rash (626)
after cold virus (1336)
after colds rashes (15)
after cough taste (198)
after eating choking feeling (98)
after fever developed rashes (30)
after fever rash (765)
after fever rashes (232)
after flu chest infection (143)
after flu cough with phlegm (21)
after flu lingering cough (15)
after flu short of breath (75)
after flu shortness breath (105)
after flu shortness of breath (95)
after flu smell (110)
after flu taste in mouth (56)
after having a cold, rash (243)
after i blow my nose i get so dizzy (39)
after i blow my nose i get so dizzy (39)
after i sneeze blood comes out (15)
after i sneeze blood comes out (15)
after i sneeze blood comes out (15)
after reflux coughing up blood (26)
after taste when coughing (89)
after the flu fatigue (906)
after virus a rash (457)
after virus rash (450)
afternoon cough severe (22)
afternoon evening coughing (23)
age 4 constant cold (116)
air condition make me sick (56)
air condition makes me sick (26)
air conditioner makes me sick (10)
air conditioner makes me sick (11)
air conditioner, cold, sick (11)
air conditioning makes me sick (13)
air conditioning make me sick (18)
air conditioning makes me sick (13)
air-conditioning makes me sick (13)
air-conditioning makes me sick (13)
airborne (625)
airborne formula (24)
albuterol infection (175)
albuterol and colds (53)
albuterol and lung inflammation (20)
albuterol bad for lungs pneumonia (18)
albuterol cold (240)
albuterol flu (59)
albuterol for a cold (213)
albuterol for cold (213)
albuterol for cold treatment (70)
albuterol for colds (50)
albuterol for lung infection (32)
albuterol for lungs (414)
albuterol for respiratory infection (35)
albuterol helps bronchitis (23)
albuterol in lungs (402)
albuterol infection (175)
albuterol inhaler cold (136)
albuterol inhaler for lung infections (12)
albuterol inhaler prescribed for what (44)
albuterol lung (272)
albuterol lung infection (33)
albuterol with infection (194)
albuterol, colds (68)
albuterol, lung infection (38)
alcohol (29166)
alcohol + the flu (354)
alcohol and colds (52)
alcohol and flu (351)
alcohol and post nasal drip (50)
alcohol and the flu (351)
alcohol and the flu bad (130)
alcohol bad for flu (123)
alcohol bad for flu? (127)
alcohol ears congestion (10)
alcohol flu (354)
alcohol flu bad? (131)
alcohol for colds (49)
alcohol for flu (361)
alcohol for the flu (360)
alcohol stomach flu (98)
alcohol when you have flu (223)
alcohol with flu (310)
alcohol with the flu (310)
alcohol, flu (354)
alcoholic flu (46)
all (1109083)
all day cough with white phlegm (17)
all flus have fever (18)
all i blow out my nose is blood (99)
all my teeth on one side hurt (544)
all over chills and stomach pain but no fever (42)
all symptoms of mono "without sore throat" (33)
allegra d post nasal (159)
allegra d post nasal drip (111)
allegra for post nasal drip (87)
allergies + gagging mucus (18)
allergies and flem (21)
allergies and yellow phlegm (17)
allergies green phlegm (11)
allergies green snot (16)
allergies irritated throat (132)
allergies post nasal drip gagging (39)
allergies yellow phlegm (19)
allergies- blocked throat (78)
allergist or ent for post nasal drip (28)
allergy "itchy lungs" (31)
allergy constant cold (165)
allergy green mucus (50)
allergy shots while taking antibiotics (11)
allergy stop mucous (33)
allergy thick clear post nasal drip (12)
allergy thick green mucus (12)
allergy yellow green mucus (25)
alleviate post-nasal drip (13)
almost constant cold symptom (52)
alot of blood from post nasal drip (20)
alot of blood when i blow my nose (15)
alot of post nasal in the day time (34)
alot of white phlegm (10)
also green phlegm (88)
alway dizzy (54)
always congested and blood in nose. (30)
always coughing up phlegm (64)
always coughing up saliva (20)
always dizzy (6603)
always dizzy and sick (1136)
always dizzy and tired (1018)
always dizzy and tired in the morning (217)
always dizzy causes (380)
always dizzy for a year (1771)
always dizzy in the morning (947)
always dizzy when i get up (2759)
always getting cold and flu like symptoms when i get my period (112)
always getting cold and flu like symptoms when i get my period (112)
always getting cold and flu like symptoms when i get my period (112)
always getting flu like symptoms every month or so (67)
always have a white tongue (319)
always have bad chest and colds (55)
always have clear phlegm (70)
always have flu like symptoms (1209)
always have issues with losing my voice (30)
always have white stuff on my tongue (59)
always ill chest infection (41)
always jumpy (237)
always lose my voice when getting a cold (13)
always lose my voice when i get a cold (22)
always lose my voice when i get a cold (22)
always lose my voice when i have a cold (23)
always lose my voice when i have a cold (23)
always lose my voice when i have a cold (23)
always lose my voice when i have a cold (23)
always losing my voice (209)
always losing my voice (209)
always losing voice (207)
always tired and dizzy (1018)
always tired and sometimes dizzy (363)
always tired dizzy (1027)
always tired dizzy anxious (69)
always tired headache dizzy tired eyes please help (12)
always tired sometimes dizzy (364)
always tired, dizzy (1027)
always tired, dizzy when exercising (17)
always tired, flu like symptoms hormones (13)
always tired, weak, dizzy, shaky (15)
always white stuff in back of tongue (38)
am having a bad cough (741)
am i contagious (713)
am i contagious after cold sore (17)
am i contagious flu (53)
am i contagious to myself (122)
am i contagious with a sore throat? (21)
am i coughing up snot (23)
am i ever going to get over this cold virus (84)
am i still contagious flu (31)
amoxicillian (141)
amoxicillin and a chest cold (21)
amoxicillin and chest cold (21)
amoxicillin and flu (64)
amoxicillin chest cold (22)
amoxicillin flu (54)
amoxicillin for chest cold (21)
amoxicillin for flu (57)
amoxicillin with flu (53)
amoxicillin, chest cold (22)
an eye cold (1394)
anahistamines (15)
and tired of not getting better (5543)
angel phlegm (25)
annoying cold (1096)
annoying cough after cold (45)
annoying cough sore throat (50)
annoying throat tickle (34)
annoying tickle back of the throat (26)
annoying tickle in my throat (36)
annoying tickle in throat (38)
annoying tickle throat (40)
another cold after (4745)
anti biotics for swollen glands (32)
antibiotic causing heartburn (13)
antibiotic causing nausea (55)
antibiotic cold phlegm (15)
antibiotic for a cold in my chest (111)
antibiotic for chest cold (132)
antibiotic for chest colds (18)
antibiotic for chest flu (38)
antibiotic for congestion (192)
antibiotic for coughing up green mucus (11)
antibiotic for coughing with mucus (24)
antibiotic for green phlegm (25)
antibiotic for sore throat and chest (86)
antibiotic green phlegm (27)
antibiotic nausea (489)
antibiotic nose chest (57)
antibiotic shot (346)
antibiotic shot for sinus infection (41)
antibiotic shot sinus infection (42)
antibiotic shot with steroid (29)
antibiotic shots for strep throat (10)
antibiotic/chest cold (138)
antibiotics (40004)
antibiotics always dizzy (198)
antibiotics and nausea (1100)
antibiotics causing nausea (154)
antibiotics chest cold (305)
antibiotics chest congestion (89)
antibiotics cleared up my tongue (29)
antibiotics cold contagious (28)
antibiotics contagious (202)
antibiotics for a chest cold (216)
antibiotics for chest cold (216)
antibiotics for chest colds (46)
antibiotics for chest congestion (75)
antibiotics for clogged ear (92)
antibiotics for cold on chest (244)
antibiotics for coughing up green phlegm (21)
antibiotics for coughing up green phlegm (21)
antibiotics for coughing up green phlegm (21)
antibiotics for green phlegm (42)
antibiotics for green phlegm or yellow phlegm (15)
antibiotics for head pressure (566)
antibiotics for nasal drip (300)
antibiotics for phlegm (132)
antibiotics for the cold (2028)
antibiotics for yellow mucus (69)
antibiotics for yellow phlegm (28)
antibiotics green cough (108)
antibiotics green phlegm (56)
antibiotics head pressure (607)
antibiotics low nausea (158)
antibiotics messed up my sinuses (21)
antibiotics nausea (1092)
antibiotics not working chest (170)
antibiotics on green cough (82)
antibiotics phlegm (220)
antibiotics phlegm is clear (42)
antibiotics tightness in chest (69)
antibiotics to chest congestion (88)
antibiotics tongue (559)
antibiotics white coating on tongue (51)
antibiotics white mouth coating (32)
antibiotics with a cold (1842)
antibiotics yellow mucus (82)
antibiotics/nausea (1141)
antibotics and strep throat (17)
anus burning (354)
anxiety and post nasal drip (217)
anxiety caused by post nasal drip (29)
anxiety causing post nasal drip (68)
anxiety from post nasal drip (188)
anxiety head blowing up (61)
anxiety over std infection (31)
anxiety post nasal drip (331)
anxiety vomiting mucus (12)
anxiety, post nasal drip (321)
any cold virus going on now (320)
any colds going around (152)
any new virus going around (283)
any type of viruses going around (15)
any virus going around (705)
any virus going around right now (301)
anyone else had a cold or virus for like 3 weeks now? (43)
anyone got this sore throat virus going around (15)
anyone have this cold going around (1556)
anyone taken zithromax (52)
anything to take for the stomach flu (244)
apnea, post nasal drip (35)
are bad colds going around? (105)
are colds going around (234)
are colds going around right now (84)
are colds going around? (235)
are cough drops bad for you (76)
are cough drops good for you (97)
are grapes ok to eat after you have had the flu (13)
are hot baths good for a head cold (13)
are my ears blocked with wax (24)
are sodas good for you (551)
are sore throats going around right now (32)
are swollen glands normal with a cold (87)
are swollen glands part of the common cold? (10)
are there any viruses going around (67)
are there any viruses going around right now (30)
are viruses going around now (125)
arthritis (24972)
as (1154369)
as soon as i lay down i cough (43)
aspirin.for.a.fever (140)
asthma and yellow phlegm (24)
asthma clear phlegm (59)
asthma cold albuterol (303)
asthma colds chest infection (29)
asthma pneumonia chest infection (63)
asthma with chest infection and cold (76)
asthma yellow phlegm (25)
at the end of a cold mucous (23)
at what point are you not contagious when you have the flu? (83)
augmentin post nasal drip (35)
augmentin post nasal drip (35)
avelox (387)
avelox strep (21)
avelox and strep (19)
avelox and strep throat (18)
avelox for strep (18)
avelox for strep throat (16)
avelox joint pain (20)
avelox poison (25)
avelox reactions (40)
avelox strep (19)
avelox strep throat (18)
avelox throat (48)
avelox vicodin (10)
avelox with strep throat (13)
avelox, strep throat (18)
away message about stomach aches (23)

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