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Hello everyone.. I am new here and would like some insight of the symptoms I have been experiencing.
For as long as I can remember after having a bowel movement I would wipe and there would be yellow on the toilet paper, other days nothing. I thought it was normal so never gave it a thought. I have also always suffered from constipation since I was little.. I am now 19 years old. I would sometimes find a small amount of blood on the toilet paper which i thought was normal because I was constipated and it would hurt for it to come out, resulting in a cut. Anyways so a few months ago I started suffering from major anxiety due to health scares. First I thought I was going to have a heart attack, stroke, then I thought I had a brain tumor, diabetes, etc. Little symptoms would trigger my anxiety and I would search the internet for hours trying to diagnose myself until I got to a doctor. I finally said enough is enough! and stopped googling symptoms. Then one day my butt was really itchy and when i wiped there was yellow on the toilet paper so i googled it and became concerned with the results. I was sent into a panic and went to the doctor who sent me to a GI specialist. He ran no tests on me but said I have a constipation problem and we'll start by cleaning out my system. He gave me magnesium citrate (after taking this I did not have the yellow on the toilet paper after wiping), then I got sick from the citrate so I stopped taking it so I went back to my normal life. I still had bowel movements every 2-3 days that were like rabbit pellets but I was use to this. I never ever drink water (maybe 2 bottles a week at the most) so this could be my constipation issue. So a couple days ago I went to the bathroom (small hard pieces again) and experienced clear mucus with a streak of blood on the toilet paper. I ran back to google and diagnosed myself with cancer. That was the best match to my symptoms everywhere I looked. I developed horrible health anxiety again and could not stop crying. I took 2 biscadoyl tablets that is a laxative and had one small bm followed by yellow, mucusy, diarrhea. The next morning the same thing happened and when I wiped there were small black flecks on the toilet paper. I went into panic mode and called the GI doctor to schedule an appt which is for tomorrow. Since then I have taken the laxative again only to produce yellow mucusy diarrhea and some red spots in the stool which I have put into a plastic bag to take with me to the doctor. It looks as if there is small black specks in as well as small red pieces which I cannot tell is blood or not. I am terrified and pretty sure I have cancer at this point. ;( any input would be great. Thank you.

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