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I am a 45 year old male that is married to a wonderful woman and blessed with 2 beautiful teenagers. I was adopted at birth so I have no idea of biological family medical history. I was diagnosed in 1992 with IBS caused by stress of father being terminally ill, graduating from college and wedding all at once. I have had ups and downs with the IBS ever since. Mine is mostly C&D. I will say that it has gotten better over the last several years but any stress ramps it up. I have had a couple of short bouts with what the Dr called colitis......I had very tender abdomen and had mucus with a tinge of blood. Both times the antibiotics took care of it. Starting in late January of this year I was having some urinary problems and while there mention to Dr I had seen a little blood once lately on stool but did not feel like it was colitis. He gave meds for urinary problem and said it would knock out any colitis or infection I may have in bowel. Urinary problem got better. About 6 weeks later I noticed a little blood on stool again and I had started taking Metamucil to try and help regulate my bowels and it was really helping. My stool has been floating for quite some time as well. I also get some flatter stools when it is not as solid and softer. It is formed ok when solid at beginning of BM but is usually softer after that and gets flat. About 4 weeks ago I noticed a little but of a feeling of something like a pulled muscle in the left side of rectum......never had that before. It was not all the time but noticed if I pushed a chair in with foot or something and when picking something up off of ground. Just a little bit of a pull like. That has got more persistent and can feel that little pulling feeling most of the time now. This morning I went to bathroom for BM and noticed a tiny speck of blood and I said enough is enough......I called the Dr. He was able to see me just before lunch. We went over my entire history again all the way from IBS dx 20+ yrs ago. I told him about the feeling that feels like it is just inside my rectum on left side. He pushed around on belly and then did a pretty thorough DRE and said he felt no mass or hemmy inside which was a relief to me he felt no mass, etc. He said with my history and with no biological medical history of parents that I won the lottery of getting a early colonoscopy. LOL. I am a bit nervous of course. I asked the Dr what his gut is telling him and he said he thinks that it is probably a hemmy somewhere beyond his reach, but that we should be thorough and check it all out. I have not lost any weight. Just a history of bowel troubles mentioned above, the small amounts of blood, a little mucus, flat stool only when softer and the tugging feel, clean DRE today. Not looking for a DX but looking for your thoughts from what I have given you. I am just trying not to get so worried that my IBS goes crazy on me. Thank you all!!

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