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32/F, Worried Sick
Aug 5, 2015
Good evening.

I'm writing in hopes that someone will help calm my anxiety. I could be overthinking things, but I'm going to put it out there anyways.

So, I'm a 32/F whose always had GI issues. Got Dx with gastritis and GERD this year. Recently, maybe the past couple months, I've noticed a big change in bowel movements (I've always been a constipated person, but only recently going about 4-5 times a day) and lower back pain/abdominal pain with nausea (NO vomiting). I've been to the GI, had all labs done (all normal), had an abdominal/pelvic/transvaginal ultrasound and a full abdominal CT in the ER (all normal except for positive ruptured ovarian cysts). I was in the ER this past Sunday b/c I collapsed from the pain & that's how they found the cyst as well as inflamed rectum when he did the rectal exam (was given Anusol).

Back to my hypochondriac feelings on having colon cancer... I have noticed only 1 bout of blood (which is why I was checked in the ER for it, that's why I initially went) & had a flexible sigmoidoscopy in April which did show some hemorrhoids. I'm exhausted ALL the time and the back pain/abd pain is consistent. My stomach is constantly sore/grumbling noises, I fart a good 20 times a day and today had 5 bowel movements, all loose floating stools with a strong odor, no blood & never ribbon like stools. Sometimes thin & honestly looks like soft serve ice cream (sorry to be graphic, just wanted to explain as accurate as possible). I recently started having TERRIBLE night sweats (to the point where I wake up feeling like I just stepped out of the shower without drying). I'm SOB often. I was also given Bentyl, doesn't really help. My dad's side of the family (including him) are prone to colon polyps. 2 of my fathers uncles' died of colon cancer.

I'm so paranoid. I have an appt with the GI on Aug. 11, but he's always given me the run around on getting a colonoscopy because of my age. Should I be strong and mandate one? Look for a second opinion? Could I have IBS since the CT scan came back negative? My main thing is... If I had colon cancer, would it have shown up on the flexible sigmoid or the CT scan? I need some advice to help my anxiety.

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