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Once again, I find myself in a spot in life where my syptoms could either be nothing or colon cancer. This one has caused me a large amount of stress and worry and I can't get a doctors appt until next Tuesday.

It started when my stomach being really bloated weeks and the bloat will not go away. I noticed around my belly button that there is a slight bludge and it feels harder than other parts of my stomach. My gf said it feels like knot.

So knowing bloating is a sign ,I am really scared that this a large tumor.
However, I am having normal bowl movements! Sometimes even fairly large in size. Also, the size of the bulge does change based on how bloating I am. Also, I don't feel it when I sit down. My stomach feels normal. It's when I stand up and things are stretched out.

I would think a tumor would have to be fairly big to cause it to appear from the outside and it wouldn't change in shape as well as block my stools.

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