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Okay. I saw my PCP yesterday, and have a GI appt in 2 weeks, but I am worried. I am a 55 yo woman with several health diagnoses that affect each other - especially med interactions. Bipolar, Type 2 Diabetes, some neurological disorders, PCOS (years ago), and a long history of chronic constipation. I have a 1st cousin with colon cancer. I had a clear colonoscopy 2 1/2 years ago.

So, these are the symptoms that have me worried. Most have emerged in the last 2 months, unless otherwise noted.

Alternating diarrhea and constipation
I never feel that I have had a complete bowel movement (this has been going on for years)
Bowel movements normally emerge in sticky-feeling, short, ribbon-like segments (ongoing)
Nausea after eating almost anything
Severe, long-lasting abdominal cramping and burning after eating almost anything (this just started a few days ago, pretty much replacing the nausea)
Extreme fatigue
25 pound, unexplained weight loss over the past 10 months
Increasing burping and flatulence over the past 2 days
Incredibly foul flatulence
Fresh (red) blood in the toilet (just happened tonight) after passing semi-constipated stool
Abdominal pain is diffuse - sometimes upper, sometimes lower, sometimes on either side

That's enough. My PCP started me on antibiotics in case we're just looking at gastritis, but that doesn't explain the bowel symptoms. I don't know if I'm anemic or not - no one has checked recently, and I just read about the connection tonight.

Should I be worried? Should I press for a GI apt sooner than 2 weeks?


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