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Hey everyone I'm a 24 year old male and for the past 4 months I've been having upper abdominal pain on both of my sides. I have had standard blood tests, urine tests, a CT Scan and an upper endoscopy done and everything has come back completely normal. I have no other symptoms aside from my abdominal pain which comes and goes throughout the day. The pain is a very dull ache that only lasts a few minutes at a time and comes and goes. I don't notice any changes after/before eating or after a bowel movement. It seems to be very random. My GI doctor told me I should now wait 6 months and see what happens. Since all the tests have been normal thus far and considering I'm a healthy young man with no other symptoms then the abdominal pain I shouldn't worry. He says if I were older he would think a colonoscopy might be necessary but since I'm so young and healthy I wont need one. The pain isn't much of a problem but I haven't had piece of mind for 4 months. I really don't know what to do, could this be cancerous? Should I be concerned or am I losing my piece of mind for nothing? I know I haven't exhibited any symptoms aside from the upper abdominal pain on both sides and thats a reason why I shouldn't be worried but I just don't know. Am I crazy or should I be worried this could this be something sinister? Should I push to get the colonoscopy or am I really overreacting? All opinions would be greatly appreciated because I just feel given up on at this point and would do anything for piece of mind.
Also my doctor noted that a normal CT scan rules out any of the cancerous things that I should be worried about. Is this true? Does my normal CT Scan give signal that I don't have colon cancer?

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