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Hey Everyone, sorry for the blocks of text, I have a fair bit to explain.

I would like to explain my symptoms and what's been going on for the past couple of months. I'll start with the first out of the ordinary experience I had. I'm not sure of the exact date, but I know my symptoms came out of nowhere starting a few months ago. It all started when I realized I hadn't had a bowel movement for 6 whole days, because of this my abdomen felt full and heavy because I hadn't pooped in so long, I feared I might not go for a while because I didn't have the slightest urge to go, I even tried to sit on the toilet and see if I could maybe go but with no luck. I decided to take a laxative which worked, I felt relieved after the matter but realized 3 days had passed and had no urge whatsoever to go, then 4 or 5 days passed and I finally got the urge, although it was faint, I could tell just by the urge that I wasn't going to be able to pass much, I went and was very constipated, very little volume to my movement, which I found startling, because after 4 or 5 days you would think I would've had to go quite a bit, but didn't, this scared me. Other than that the stool looked normal, in color, in texture, no blood, no pain, no pencil thin pieces, although I did notice the pieces were small and broken up, and like I said their was very little. Important side note: my diet did not change significantly in any way before or after all of this sudden chronic constipation began, after the fact I began incorporating more fiber into my diet and started to reduce my intake of red meat and dairy. The fiber helped at first, and my movements went from small in volume to medium in volume, with the stool looking more thick and generally normal. This soon ceased, now I'm at the point where I'm always constipated, and by that I mean little is excreted and when I finish on the toilet I have a sense that I could still go, but can't. My bowel movements are infrequent as well, sometimes I go once or twice a day, and then don't go for 3 or more days, sometimes I go once every day for a week, then it gets infrequent again, all of these movements are still small in volume.

Currently, my bowel movements are still small in volume and the pieces are somewhat thin, sometimes pencil thin, but these pieces are always small in length, so it makes sense to me that they are small in width as well, but it still scares me. I also for a month or two have had the feeling that their might be a mass on the right side of my abdomen, it's not really an obvious feeling, I can only describe it as a mild centralized ache in one spot that leads me to believe something is wrong, I plan to ask my mom to take me to the doctor to have her feel around and to hopefully get a complete blood count test done, maybe even a scan of my abdomen.

Other important side notes: the only person I know of in my family to have any abnormalities with the colon is my mom's dad, my grandpa, who passed away of colon cancer when I was young. He is the only relative I know of who has had colon cancer. I haven't lost any weight and have actually gained a few pounds, I don't know why, perhaps it's a coincidence, or maybe it's not. Fiber doesn't seem to help much, I can still pass gas normally, have never had an instance of blood or mucus in my stool, nor have I had any black stools or stools of any color other than brown. I can feel the ache more strongly when I'm laying down on my right side, it is not painful nor has it ever been, I know this might not mean much, but I thought I'd point that out, I feel mild discomfort and a sense of fullness occasionally. My overall diet isn't the best, I've been cutting back on crap food and trying to eat more fruits and veggies, as well as more fiber. I did already see the doctor once, for a normal physical, I of course mentioned these oddities to the doctor, who felt around and said nothing felt obviously wrong, I had no pain when she pushed down onto my abdomen, everything else like blood pressure and what not was normal at the time. She prescribed me probiotics which I took for a few weeks which didn't really change anything at all, and so, I stopped taking them. I don't know what's wrong, I plan to visit the doctor soon. For a general outlook, I'm a 19 year old male, skinny, with no previous health issues besides seasonal allergies, I know being young doesn't make me immune to cancer, which is why I'm here. Before all of this my "normal" interval between bowel movements was 1 to 2 days, now it's infrequent like I said. My dad is known to have a sensitive stomach, other than that no serious problems have been reported by him. Upon reading this over it doesn't seem so serious, but I know that colon cancer can go undetected with no symptoms for years, this scares me, I don't want to pass if off as chronic constipation or IBS quite yet, I would like some insight. Also, I have moderate to severe anxiety and depression, I feel like this is playing a huge role, as I've been overthinking lately and have also been afraid that I might be dead in a few years if I don't do something now, I know that sounds extreme, but I'm serious. I'm scared, basically.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it so much :)

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