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New to this forum but a member of a few others.

Iím a 26 year old male, 5ft 10Ē and 13st 13lb - so I am a little overweight!

Iíve had a rough month and Iíve had numerous symptoms, so bare with me as this may get lengthy.

It started about 4 weeks ago, when I started having chest pains, tightness etc. Which led to me Dr. Google and I of course found heart attack everywhere. I was convinced I was dying from a heart attack, it led me to have multiple panic attacks and led me to the doctors multiple times and a trip to A&E - I had tests done which all were fine including a perfect ECG.

Great, my symptoms subsided after time and I was feeling ok, I then suffered a 24 hour sickness bug, which gave me nausea, sickness and diarrhea. I got over this and a few days later my bowel habits (timing) changed, I noticed Iíd need to poop as soon as I woke up, followed by 2 more bowel movements in the morning and then maybe 1 or 2 later In the day (baring in mind Iíve always as far as I can remember had frequent bowel movements) Just the timing had changed. Due to my raised anxiety from the Heart Issue, I started inspecting my bowel movements and I noticed that sometimes theyíd be flat like stools. Again, this led me to Dr. Google where obviously bowel and colon cancer was plastered everywhere. I immediately self diagnosed myself with this & ever since have been obsessed with googling symptoms, forums etc and checking my stools. I had bright red blood on toilet paper a few times and initially this sent me into panic mode. However, Iíd been advised to use Germoloids and Wipes as it may have been a Pile/Fissure or from excess wiping - since making these changes I have not noticed blood once.

On a few occasions I have tried for a bowel movement and had clear mucus, this has maybe been 2/3 times over the course of 2/3 weeks.

I have no family history of bowel/colon cancer. I have no weight loss, in fact I gained a little last week and my appetite is still very good.

I have a lot of gas lately, Burping and farting a lot - I donít have many pains, I have had a few cramps but not many, I had one last night after Iíd had fibre supplements and dinner, wasnít severe but I could feel it. My tummy has also been quite loud as of late.

I have had a blood test done at doctors which came back completely fine and the doctors advised to watch and wait for 6 weeks to see how symptoms changed/persisted.

I have no fatigue, still have plenty of energy.. no anemia and as I said my weight hasnít changed much apart from going up a little! Since taking fibre supplement my stools are well formed and Iím going twice to three times a day. I do have the occasional feeling of pressure in my back and I have suffered back pain for a long time but that could be due to sitting at desk for long periods of time!

However, Iím obsessed I have this disease and am spending hours worrying about it a day. Doctors have referred me for health anxiety and wondering if this could have an adverse affect on my bowels? And cause these symptoms?

Any advice would be massively appreciated


Sorry again for the long post!

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