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[QUOTE=NJGUY]Hi. I posted a topic a few days ago. I was concerned about pain and some bowel changes. I went to my local care facility yesterday morning to see a doctor. I was getting too nervous and just wanted to talk to someone. I told the doc my concerns about feeling back and groin pain and some bowel habit changes. I just have felt nauseous and not right. The doc looked at me like i was worried over nothing. That really bothers me when they react that way. He ended up doing an EKG, abdomen xrays, took urine sample and took blood for a workup. I felt good that at least i am moving forward. He said a few things they could determine right away, and thoselooked ok (x rays etc.) He said the blood work up should come back in a few days. He said if it comes back ok, then maybe "piece of mind" will make me feel better. He kept saying "irritable bowel", which seems to be a catch all lately.

Now this morning, I got worried again. I had very thin, pencil like stool. i am sorry to be graphic, but I did get worried. I have had a problem with not going all the way, but never this symptom. If someone out there has time, i would appreciate any feedback on the following questions. 1-Will bloodwork itself reveal anything relating to Colon'Rectal Cancer? 2-Do hemmorroids sometimes create thin stool? I am not the kind of person that worries over nothing. I was told by the doc to wait for test results, and hopefully that will be ok. I guess that is best, and at that time mention the thin stool? It figures this would happen next morning after seeing the doc. It;s not nerves, because I actually felt a little relieved that I went to the Doc and he seemed to not be worried, but then again, all he did was xray and blood test. I know alot of people are going through tough times here as well. Any feed back would be appreciated. Thank you.[/QUOTE]
Go to a doctor and demand that you have a colonoscopy done. I had ribbon stools and like you I got put off for almost two years and when I finally got a doctor to listen it was too late, I have stage 4 colon cancer and have tumors throughout my body on a microscopic level but tumors visible in my lungs and liver. You can and must demand it!!

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