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Re: Symptoms
Nov 12, 2003
Only advice is try to relax, think positive. All the worry in the world won't change anything. Just feel good that you are pursuing something that concerns you. I am 44, totally healthy, go to gym, sports, etc. etc.. Not long ago I noticed differences in stool, frequency, some groin pain, bloating (many of the symptoms you describe). Of course, these changes sent me web surfing, which led me to all sorts of doomsday scenarios, i.e., cancers. I finally got a gastro to set up a colonoscopy. I am hoping nothing is found, but avoiding the issue won't help either, so it's best to have the test. I am of course nervous and trying to work, although my mind keeps thinkin too much. What I'm trying to say is that i know how you feel, but try to be focused and don't assume the worst. Just to give you another piece of info, right when I started thinking I was probably ok and that alot of this is nerves, I noticed two days ago-blood in my urine. I freaked out. I shot down to my local Medemerge care facility. My blod pressure was sky high. This incident is what finally prompted the doc to refer me to the gastro and urologist. Now, I am even more nervous, but feeling some relief that I am movong in right direction. You should feel that way too. Ask questions, and feel good that you are taking the appropriate steps to feel better and have piece of mind. Post a follow up so we can see how you are doing. Good luck.

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