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[QUOTE=richard10961]IM doing one day prep with colyte. Can aybody tell me how long beforethe diarhea stops after taking Colyte. the directions say i have all day and night to take it. its a one day prep.[/QUOTE]

After an hour it subsides but you can some 'squirts' for a few more hours after that but without the same urgency. Don't go out though. Stay at home and near a bathroom.

Get that colyte good and cold before drinking it. Slam back each glassful and then rinse your mouth with Scope making sure to dribble it past your lips when you spit(DO NOT SWALLOW THE SCOPE). It helps get rid of the taste between glassfuls. If your tummy is starting to rebel, which oftens happens at about 1/2 to 3/4 done then take 15-30 minutes off and let your stomach empty a bit before continuing. The speed at which you consume it isn't as important as getting it down. Don't worry if you can't quite finish it. It is better to leave one glassful undrank than to toss up a stomach full of it.

Also, I prefer the unflavored Colyte rather than that insipd pineapple stuff. :(

Last time my doc told me to do a two day prep with Colyte. 1/2 the first day and the other half the second day. Not that bad that way because about the time you start getting ugly feelings about the stuff you are done for the day
, the bad thing is the two day-no food part but I can afford to miss a few meals for sure.

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