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[QUOTE=cowboy51]I just got home from the hospital today. Was in for 8 days, the bowels were slow at coming to life, then had some trouble keeping food down. The pre-op biopsy didn't show and cancer cells, but the section he took out showed some, so it's a good thing I had the surgery done. The surgeon wants me to see an oncologist just to be safe to see if further treatment is needed, but hopefully it isn't.[/QUOTE]

Hi Cowboy.. Hope you are recovering well. Take it easy and don't try to do too much too soon. It takes a while to regain your strength. My husband still gets occassional twinges which are his insides moving round. Also tenderness around scar area and a displaced sensory reaction so that if he gets an itch under his belly button and scratches, it feels like he is scrathing his nose.
There are questions you should be asking your oncos when you see them. Like, were the ends clear of cancer (they can tell from histology ??? i think ), had the cancer penetrated your colon to the outside.... that kind of thing. We found it really important to ask questions and challenge their answers and statements. It throws up all sorts of information which often isn't very forthcoming. It is a lot easier if you go in with someone. Safety in numbers. Talk to the person you are taking with you and decide between you what kind of info you want to come out of that office with. We generally discussed his treatment plan and what the alternatives were. We try not to look too far ahead .... say three months at a time ... this suits us as most of his treatments whether surgical or chemical seem to last three months.

Hope the above is of help in the coming weeks and take care.


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