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Well Fudd, they were always the same shape in the beginning. Perfectly formed and encased in yellow and being yellow. Very sponge-like. Like if I squeeze one between my 2 fingers (latex gloves on for sure) it will act like a sponge and when I release goes back to it's origional shape. If I have formed stools I would see them in the stool. If i have diareahha (sp) they would be floating in the toilet. At first they were like perfectly formed. As time went on they getting to be all different sizes (some small, some large and some irregulary formed with jagged edges).
I've noticed that when I pass 4 or more of these, I would have terrible pain the day before. I don't eat fatty foods and pretty much eat a low-carb diet. Yes I smoke and drink occasionally. As far as how many I have passed, wow, that is hard to figure. I pass these 3-4 x's a week. Some days maybe only 1 or 2, and other days 5+ . Over the past 10 years? That would be a huge amount. After the Dr. said, don't worry about it, I was afraid to look in the toilet to see them cause they really bothered me. But, now with how I am feeling I think it's time to catch them and do another lab test on them. How do they check the duodeum out anyway? And how big is the passageway that these "polyp" things have to pass through? Is there such a thing as cancer of the duodeum? They have never figured out where that "family cancer" starts, is it possible that it starts in the duodeum and then just spreads fast to the liver? What test would they do to check this out?
Thank you Fudd for helping me on this!

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