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Hi, I am 18 years old. About a month ago, When I used the bathroom I had bright red blood in the toilet. Two weeks later, It had happend again. What connects both nights was I had drank and mixed lots of different alcohol together the night before. And I hadnt drank any water so was dehydrated somewhat most of the night till morning. Now , two weeks after my last blood in toilet, im noticing the last two weeks I have had skinny stools. Not very skinny like paper length but thin. I also notice when i have the urge to go, and i try, i cant, its like its blocked but I know i need to use the toilet. I can still go sometimes, and the stools were even normal a few days ago. Now back to thin and same fealing of cant use the toilet. Do you think I could have colon cancer at such a younge age? What do you guys think I have, or what should i tell my doctor to check for. thanks.

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