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[QUOTE=alison hamilton]It is so good to hear from Jaydees! I think it has been awhile, unless I have missed some posts! You always give hope to others who are int he midst of this situation. I have heard about semen going into the bladder on happens to some people too after prostate surgery. There is nothing to be concerned about there. Even though the urinary system and digestive system are separate, each one can be very easily affected by any trauma to the other. It makes us realize how interdependent our systems are.

By the way, James, my husband had his TURP and it appears to have gone well. He is home after two days and urinating well, if very often....that is normal and will level off after a time. Not as bad as we thought though. We now wait a couple of weeks for the body to settle down so he can have a scan and blood works to see how things are cancer-wise. Does this ever end??!![/QUOTE]


I'm sooo glad to hear about your husband! I think it's nothing but good health from here on out! It must be such a relief for him to have that darn catheter out!

In response to your comment to Jaydees-- I'm hoping he replies to me. I ressurected this post from ancient times. Retrograde ejaculation (ejaculation into the bladder) is normal-- especially after prostate surgery or rectal surgery. A lot of nerves are affected which prevent things from working in the right direction. I'm hoping Jaydees can speak to his experience with ED, as my first surgery was in January, and I am a young male... we have these concerns despite chemo/cancer/pain, etc... I guess it defines our manhood. :rolleyes:

James (aka CancerDad)

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