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Symptom help
Jan 2, 2004

I posted this to the digestive disorders board ... but I am not sure if the same people read both boards .. so if you are reading this for a second time ... please accept my apologies.

I am writing to see if anyone has any idea of what my symptoms could be. All the research I did on the internet so far has not helped much.

Basically, this started about 4 weeks ago. The symptoms have really not gotten any better or worse in that time. It was of sudden onset.

The problem is that sometimes after eating (in particular coffee, greasy foods, dairy - but it does not happen all the time after eating these items) I develop severe abdominal pain. The pain is fairly general but with a definate focus in the mid-upper abdomen, pretty much right in the middle of the breast bone and navel. It is not pinpoint pain, but fairly generalized but focused on that region. The pain kind of feels like one very large cramp. The pain starts as mild grows to severe, plateus there for an hour or so then begins to abate. During the pain, I use the bathroom several times and pass a lot of gas with normal stools or watery stools. I also feel kind of bloated during this time. Once the pain goes away, I will not have another episode that day although I will continue to have lots of flatulence. I also have a good amount of watery diarrhea if I eat anything, particularly something fatty the rest of the evening. The bowels then tend to get less and less watery and my stools return to normal until another episode begins. The watery stools also appear to have white foamy small floating patches ... not sure if that is mucous or fat droplets (do not know what either one looks like).

That is basically the pattern. I do not have an episode everyday. And days when I do not have an episode, the watery stools dissipate and return to my normal stools.

Symptoms I do NOT have: No blood that I can see except for the normal little bit of blood on the toilet paper after an irritating bowel movement related to a longstanding hemmorhoid. Also, I have NO nausea or vomiting.

I have a hemmorhoid, which bleeds slightly (a litle blood on toilet paper) when I have an irritating bowel movement ... but that has been happening for as long as I have had the hemmorhoid (about 10 years), and my stools have been slightly flattened or small for as long as I can remember (which I always attributed to the hemmorhoid as it is located pretty much at the rim of my rectum.

I have always had a pretty active bowel life with atleast 2-3 movements/day and have always had some level of stress-related bowel problems. I have also been somewhat lactose intolerant for as long as I can remember.

I am a 30-year old male in otherwise good health.

Thanks for any input that can be provided! Of course, these ongoing problems tend to bring out the worst case scenerio mentality.

- Ben

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