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[QUOTE=futuresurvivor]Anyone here with spots on liver or lung but no signs of active disease? I had ct tuesday a spot still shows on my liver and swollen node on one lung. Dr. says it could be scar tissue from the tumors. I had 4 on my liver. He said it looks good and for me to keep doing what ever i've been doing. He didn't say i'm in remission but CEA is 3.5 and ct results have been the same for the last 5 months :). I am sooooo excited over this. Does this mean remission? I feel healthier than I have in years. I took chemo for 6 months 5fu/leuc/cpt-11 and clinical trial vaccine ALVAC. If the vaccine works the cancer won't come back. Has anyone else had this vaccine?

I'm a 40 year old female dx Nov.2002[/QUOTE]

Which vaccine is it your taking, my mother recently had a tumor remover from her liver and diagnosed with stage 4. she still has 2 spots on her liver about the size of a nickle and is currently undergoing chemo. she is 49 years old. She is taking a vaccine now that is like what you are taking not sure which one. You were only on chemo for 6 months? have you gone into remission yet? Sounds like my mom and you have the same situation. I would like to know how your doing now and if you and her do have the same thing.

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