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Hi Kaye
My husband had chemo and radiation before surgery for rectal cancer. He was on the pump (5FU) for 24 hours a day five days a week and had radiation once a week (I believe) for two or three months. You'd think I would never forget this stuff, but it's been two years ago. Anyway, I think whether chemo/radiation is given before surgery depends on how obstructive the tumor is - of course if it's obstructive, you gotta get it out - can't wait the three or so months for the chemo and radiation to shrink it. I don't think, in my husband's case, the tumor shrank all that much, but I don't really know. The surgeon said that in some cases, radiation and chemo can make the tumors nearly disappear, but that didn't happen with my husband. We didn't know for certain what stage the cancer was. My husband had an ultrasound shortly after the tumor was discovered by colonoscopy and the ultrasound showed a possible lymph node involvement, but we didn't know for certain that he was stage III until after surgery and pathology of the lymph nodes removed. Chemo and radiation is just the standard protocol for rectal cancer, if it's feasible.
Yvonne P

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