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Re: Could it be?
May 3, 2004
[QUOTE=Robin213]Hello Everyone

Im 26 And Colon cancer runs through my fathers side of the family,Leukemia on my mothers. My uncle had colon cancer at the age of 35, and my grandfather had ulcerative colitis, and colon cancer. I have had stomach problems for a long time now. I dont want to get too much in to detail about it, but i will try to explain as good as possible.In 1999 i had my gallbladder removed, After that i was still having bad stomach problems, Wehn i eat i need to be near a bathroom, because i get the sudden urge and bad stomach pains. When i go it looks oily, and flat alot of times, sometimes it looks Skinny and long like a pencil, and it just looks like diarhea. Sometimes theirs sticky looking stuff like mucous, and its like a yellow oily color(IM SO SORRY I DONT KNOW HOW ELSE to explain I dont want to make anyone sick or to go in to much detail) I dont have medical insurance, I went to my DR and he said it could be IBS. I told him i think that i should be checked for colon cancer, and he told me i was too young, and that i souldnt worry about it. I know im kiond of a hypochondriac but i also dont want to find out year down the road when its too late that i do have it. I always have stomach pain, and sometimes it radiates to my lower back and in the left lower area (which the dr said was where the sigmoid colon is) I dont know if im reading in to things or not, but i dont know what to do. What do you all think? If i had medical insurance im sure my DR would have sent me for the test's, but i dont so i guess im just left to wonder!? iM a litle scared. Maybe im just reading in to it like he said??????
Thanks for listening
Robin :confused:[/QUOTE]

Hi Robin:

I hope you are still checking the board... 26 is NOT too young to have cancer. So many people (including physicians) are under the mis-impression that only people over 40 can get cancer. I'm here to tell you that I am now 31.. began bleeding when I was 28 and my Internist gave me the same garbage story... and have undergone 3 surgeries and a couple rounds of chemo and two months of radiation. I have stage IIIC Rectal Cancer.

:bouncing: PLEASE, PLEASE go to a gastroenterologist and get a colonoscopy. It's no big deal. Especially when the GI finds out your family history, he/she will agree that you should be screened. The general rule is 10 years prior to familial diagnosis. My grandfather, though, was diagnosed at about 50.

I wish you luck, and please keep us posted.

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