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I am a 28 yr. old female who has had lower left abdominal pain for the past few weeks. I've always had bowel issues (straining to go, not going for almost a week at at time, constipation), I had a ct scan that was deemed inconclusive because I still had milk of magnesia in my system from the week before the test. Though, the Dr. did say that the radiologist saw that my lower sigmoid colon was thicker and inflamed. What could cause this? I do have anal hpv. (just diagnosed last week). other wise very healthy. thanks.
The colon can become inflamed and thickened due to crohn's disease, colitis, etc. Any bleeding ever? If so, or even not, talk to a gastroenterologist. He/she will be able to shed some light and put your mind at ease. Might just be Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which they now have medications to treat. Why suffer?

Good Luck.

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