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Don't freak out immediately. You are NOT too young, though and should take this seriously. Unfortunately, Colorectal cancer occurs in the young much more than reported. (I'm 31 but began bleeding at 28-- I've heard stories of younger.) What did the bump feel like. An inflamed hemmorhoid will hurt to the touch and feel smooth. An un-inflamed (or deflated) internal hemmorhoid will feel a worm, and won't hurt. You would also have some intermittent bleeding with a rectal tumor as well as a hemmorhoid.

My guess is it's a hemmorhoid, because of your straining and constipation for the past six months. But, it's best to have a gastroenterologist evaluate you. DON'T just assume it's a hemmorhoid, or ignore it.

Best of Luck to you! And, please post any follow-up questions, or once you get the ok.

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