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My husband has colon cancer and our doctor recommended FOS -- you can find it at any health store (GNC)..hope this helps you !! :) :) [QUOTE=Lort]My 35 year old SIL had 2 separate tumors removed in 2 surgeries last fall, the last surgery they removed the remaining colon and 1 inch of the rectum. He has had constant diarrhea ever since. He is unable to gain any weight because everything goes through him immediately. He doesn't eat all day while he tries to do some work because of this problem. When he eats at night he is up all night with diarrhea. They gave him a couple shots of something trying to give him some form to the stool, but nothing has worked. He tried chemo but had to quit, it was killing him and adding to the diarrhea. Anyone have this problem and have any suggestions. I would really appreciate it. My SIL is one in a million and has 3 young children not wanting to loose their father. His faith is strong and he is not giving up, but it is certainly an ordeal for him. He is 6'4 and only weighs about 150 now, which is about 10 pounds heavier than after the 2nd surgery.

Thank you in advance

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