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just wanted to chime in and say that something on the right side would not cause a change in stool shape, as the stools are in liquid form in that part of the intestines.

with that said, i have Ulcerative Colitis and i just had my first colonoscopy last week, which, other than my UC came up clear. the reason i am telling you that is because i have been having rather flat stools for the last 6 or 7 months... so i just wanted to say that that is not necessarily a sign of cancer, though it can be. but, you said the area in question is on your right colon, and, as i said before, something on the right side wouldn't produce a change in stool shape.

as for the colonoscopy itself... don't fret it. i was so nervous but it's really nothing. the prep is the worst part and even that isn't too bad really. they will sedate you and you won't feel or remember a thing. for me, the sedative hit me maybe 10 seconds after they put it in the IV... then a few minutes after that i was out like a light... next thing i knew i was laying in the recovery area. you'll have to have somebody drive you home because you'll be very drowsy and, in my case, i slept most of the car ride home and took a 3 hour nap after that. then when i woke up i felt as if i had a slight hangover... nothing too bad though and a couple of hours later i felt fine.

so, best of luck to you and i hope everything turns out ok. but, take it from me, try not to worry too much until you have something to worry about. i spent months worrying and worrying and it was all for nothing. the stress and anxiety that comes with worrying can cause you to feel a lot worse than you should and can actually cause some symptoms that you might mistake for something more serious, which in turn will make you even more anxious. so, just try to relax (i know, easier said than done) and try not to freak yourself out.

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